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  1. Channel 4 news Hello asylum, i am your reporter hunter and it has been a while since I posted, sorry for my sudden absence but I assure you I'm back in action. since I've been back a new police force called the anti simp police started a small revolution lasting only a day and leaving many dead, channel 4's own Ron Tucker got a interview with the commander of this force, col Andre Petrovic, Ron asked why he is conscripting people into this police force and why he is killing people in the streets, he pulled a gun on Ron and
  2. @Chris Peacock i do actually! its how i get all my stories.
  3. lol, thats one of the fun parts about writing at like 2 in the morning, and waking up to check the paper, you get to see all your spelling errors and if your me, you can play a game to figure out which were from the lack of sleep and which were you being a dumb ass. and from my new pfp i assume last night was a real doozy of a night writing xD
  4. i roll around, looking for news. might run into me one day, unfortunately i do tend to get shot on sight by people who dont like the news or just dont agree with what im saying lol so meetings are rare, but not impossible.
  5. thanks, we here at channel 4 strive to be the best we can be
  6. Top stories suicide bomber in kavala square organ thief exposed and channel 4's officer of the week raffle, but more on that later. Hello asylum this is h
  7. Today in altis Hello fellow players, i am hunter, and welcome back to channel 4 news, today in altis is full of rdm, vdm, and much much more so strap in, you've bought the ticket, so take the ride. Our first story is written by yours truely and may or may not have happened on asylum, but today in altis the town of pyrogos, home to hundreds of native takistani people was attacked by a movement of men known as the free chernarus army, the men armed with yugoslavian weapons and equipment went through the town and killed the un peacekeepers and is now attempting to "clense" pryogo
  8. also we have our former fascist dictator @Clint Beastwood leaving comments too? can channel 4 get a interview sometime? @Bandit its what ive been told yes, if youd like we can set up a interview and you can explain why your not if youd like. itll be posted here too.
  9. @Toxicc if you have a story youd like to see reported feel free msg me anytime. also we have our former fascist dictator @Clint Beastwood leaving comments too? can channel 4 get a interview sometime?
  10. wounder if any mods are gonna let my shit be posted thanks dog!
  11. Breaking news Hello asylum gaming I am Hunter the reporter and welcome back, today has been a eventful day in altis, from a prison break to a earthquake its never a dull day here, even now as i type this paper i can hear gangs shooting outside my house in athira. our first story is about a prison break that was quelled by local police officers led by captain BlackKnight who had come in vie helicopter and put down the 6 would be prison breakers. In other news another earthquake has hit altis today, as far as we've heard there have been no casualties due to the earthquake. In mo
  12. Thank you for the support sorry its formatted wrong, typed and posted from a phone, gonna go fix it real fast. more to come and much love, yours truely Hunter.
  13. Altis daily news with hunter and Tom Cpl/EMT Sentinel
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