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  1. a lot of new gangs recently, good luck.
  2. 7empest

    Selling Shed

    Selling the shed, maybe the house depending on offers shed is less than 300m from square, house is a 70k within 100m of garage post offers below
  3. I need another rocket, I'll pay 80k for delivery next time you're online.
  4. Raise the sell price of Treasure (currently 17500). The chances are super low, no one really has it and its price doesn't fit the rarity.
  5. I'll buy 2 rockets and a launcher if you still have them.
  6. Accepted I will private message you with all the info you need.
  7. Thanks, we plan on fighting cartels soon.
  8. We're a newish gang, we chill and do runs n' shit. Requirements Have Discord and a Working Microphone Have 100k$+ 200+ Hours in Arma Format Do you have discord and a mic? Do you have 100k$+? (Provide Screenshot) How many hours do you have in Arma? (Provide Screenshot) Other Info -
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