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  1. It is a wrong decision to completely clear player assets. This cannot change the fact that there are few people on the server. Let us wait and see.
  2. I haven't played for a while, but when I came back my ping went from 200 to 400. I want to know what's going on I think there is a third option
  3. At the beginning, Enemies of the Dragon Gang were happy about the withdrawal of the Dragon Gang, but as time goes by, they will feel that without the Dragon Gang, there will be no opponents. they will never experience the pleasure of fk Chinese people again they will never see someone say: Someone set up a group? Let's fk the Chinese together
  4. https://gyazo.com/df55346f7a6d958d8949932c87d96e23 https://gyazo.com/411871b2de598b3f7640191b36e746df https://gyazo.com/7f29fb115c93479dcaa645a8151f6d60
  5. I have persecution delusions. Does that mean I'm leaving my gang. and not team up with anyone, play alone
  6. You're taking land that used to belong to black people. North America does not belong to you Go back to your Europe Black people are not slaves. White people are not supreme.
  7. First, can you make sure your gang members don't cheat? Put a gun to his head and say: I'll kill you if you cheat? As for this Odd thing you're talking about. He has been banned. Did he cheat in the competition You know so much about dragons? Can you tell me who they are? Cheating is not fun. Cheaters will be banned one day. Only noob like to cheat
  8. Yeah, or it wouldn't be fair to the other gangs
  9. I suggest that the Crimson be disqualified
  10. 李有才 我还以为是nenja制作的视频
  11. 他是一只臭老鼠,很难找到他,他很会躲藏(看不懂的请@yusheng或者coffeetea来翻译😀) 你不在乎,黑名单里面的人很在乎,他们很绝望,他们会不断受到制裁(看不懂的请@yusheng或者coffeetea来翻译😀)
  12. 我在说你,你为什么要扯到我们帮派成员,我只能做好我自己,我管不了别人怎么做,请发一些关于我作弊的视频,(看不懂的请@yusheng或者coffee tea来翻译😀)
  13. 你以为每个中国玩家都和你一样半夜起来玩游戏?(看不懂的老外请@yusheng来翻译😀)
  14. 我希望你不要像DS Screelz一样,半途而废,而是坚持不懈地摧毁我们的房子(看不懂的请@YUsheng来翻译😀)
  15. 我它只需要花费 12k 你花费的时间 花费的时间 花费的时间不是我花费的金钱 所以我修复的时间是金钱(看不懂的请@YUsheng来翻译😀)
  16. I need a powerful gang to buy it and take over the gang srtonghold that Tom'been holding for so long
  17. oh my God,Manhua,are you from the future?Or you can see into the future @tomTell us if all your gang members are cheating?
  18. 截图 (gyazo.com) pm offer
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