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  1. Glad I never bought the Alpha. Always knew the project was way too big for the old Asylum team to handle. To make Identity even remotely possible they would have need extreme financial support and some of the best devs alive. Personally, I think Bohemia Interactive would have been a nice studio to help support the project or all together take over Identity with Asylum more in a consultant role. Rockstar would also be someone that might have been someone able to create something similar, but I think Bohemia would be more suited to take the job. For some reason I never liked Rockstar’s simplisti
  2. Prison should be raised back to minimum 60 minutes and the death penalty needs to be brought back. Makes people actually want to avoid prison, then we can bring back parole
  3. I think we should start a new trend, don't bother reporting combat loggers. Just save the recording and humiliate them on the forums for all to see
  4. Precinct 1: Hello ladies and gentlemen of Altis! A new gang has emerged from the shadows of Asylum. Our gangs main focus is POWER, we focus on gaining territory, turf and being in control. Right now we need more manpower to push back on some of the difficulty we've been encountering. Our base of operations is in Kavala, this is our capital. A little about our gang: Our gang was founded by me (Jax teller) in September of this year, the gang started out with 2 other members. Yesterday i made the decision to start growing the gang, so we can fight back the scum of the Island. As of
  5. I will take out a ifrit filled with potatos just for you mate!
  6. Jon Snow


    I have a guy in my gang that littarly is addicted to lottery he uses ALL the money for runs trying lottery and he runs around in kavala screaming and begging for money so he can try lottery
  7. Jon Snow


    If you have nvidia use shadowplay. You need 5 min of the recording and just use the guide Nex provided
  8. Well it depends. Herion is good but very dangerous. If you are alone i would recomend weed or wreck exevating. I do heroin but i NEVER do it alone! I usually take a truck, 2 suv's and i drive in the middle one in the back and one in the front. That way we have manpower if something happens and the truck can flee the scene
  9. i will openly say fuck you david. You are a little scammer
  10. I noticed if i launch the server through the arma 3 launcher i get altis life additional mod, i wonder... What does it do?
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