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  1. +1 I spent $14 to support the server and get something unique with keys but got the same one "yellow ifrit" skin 3-4 times in a row.. but hey I got a 50 cent credit or something... lol I don't know if I will donate again. We'll see.
  2. I completely agree with this sentiment, I'm very familiar with basic strategy but this blackjack is not fun nor profitable in any way. The odds are way too high for a game like Blackjack. Lost 5 million in almost the same way you did in the video (except I was playing with basic strategy in mind) "so theirs no split, no surrender, dealer WINS on bj TIE, owner refuses to say how much decks plus it had to be changed when first released why is it still here??" (I disagree with the decks, Henry has stated it is 4 decks) If we could at least split and not lose on a tie BJ, we'd have much closer odds to a fair Blackjack game. *and for me, that's saying a lot because obviously any casino game is inherently favoring the house*
  3. Darklom

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    You'll be back.. they always come back.
  4. Sick montage I wish I had enough effort to make montage videos out of all the footage I have..
  5. I hear some chatter of a "High Value Target" by the words of the APD that turns himself in. About 10 seconds before this video I decide to look for his bounty and got it "Dasani". Here is the dialogue (Just audio) and the subsequent assault.. 100k Bounty
  6. Yeah that's pretty ridiculous, at first I was confused at what you meant but that's pretty lame.
  7. Thanks @jeans @Alex Butmole I'm selling a DP 14 meth house with crates, it's a 150k. 100k for location and for crates 70k Has weps and items. 320k
  8. I appreciate everyone's input so far, this is why we're an awesome community --------------------------------- Additional pictures for any curious. https://imgur.com/gallery/g5GH8#OXtJrKD
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