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  1. Yay now all those random items won’t be complete, utter garbage!
  2. Why do you guys want to remove the default challenges in the game to make it easier for you? Just get good lol.
  3. The idea is that Domination wouldn’t be as dead if the rewards were bigger. Gang Fortress fights are far too rare as it is. There really isn’t another solution to fix that. My solution keeps the functionality of Gang Fortress the same and simply changes its method of acquirement into something that will actually be participated in. Also, I think you might be the only one who hates the play style of Domination. Most people play it for fun. If this isn’t the solution, then what is? Surely Gang Fortress shouldn’t be kept on the server completely obsolete as it is, right?
  4. Trioxide

    Gun Cabinet

    Do you guys seriously have so many full loadouts stored in your houses that this would be useful??
  5. I don’t know whether or not this will be a good idea, but I’m putting it out here because I think it has potential. Domination and Gang Fortress are both under-attended. There are typically 25 to 30 people on Domination, and a total of 1 gang “fighting” Gang Fortress. I’m not sure what exactly the devs had in mind when they added it, but it seems like the goal was to replicate a bit of Domination-like gameplay on the main server. It seems like this idea just doesn’t work. The problem is that it has become completely obsolete to almost every single gang. This same problem exists for Domination, however it is not nearly as severe. Several gangs play it, but it doesn’t reach the player count that it used to, not by a long shot. Here is the change I propose: Take away Gang Fortress fights on the main server. It should no longer activate there. Continue hosting Domination on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Rather than popping twice a week for gangs to cap on the main server, ownership of the Gang Fortress will be awarded to the winners of Tuesday’s and Saturday’s Domination events. The schedule for Gang Fortress remains essentially the same (it pops twice a week), but it will be highly contested by every Domination gang instead of being camped by one gang for 45 minutes. This fits, considering that Gang Fortress is supposed to be the most valuable capture point on the server. If Envy really is the best gang and does deserve to own Gang Fortress 24/7, then they can prove it. The other side of this change is that it will bring more gangs to Domination, which is still sorely under-attended. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  6. I hear people complain a lot about everyone "sitting" in buildings, but where else are they supposed to sit? Out in the open? Then everyone will complain about not having enough cover, it seems...
  7. so it should be less symetrical, more unique, and what else? Is one deer stand really a bad thing?
  8. U right... do you like my new design for the West Arms Wong Triad better?
  9. this kid literally asked me for the formula because "his brain wasn't working" smh
  10. no it doesn't lol Nevermind, there's like a third of a hospital in there apparently...
  11. bro what was wrong with my cap???
  12. What if instead of spawning a vehicle it picked a random player's vehicle that had been unused for 5 minutes?
  13. why not? the new one doesn't have that many components
  14. Well, we could have both. The big one for oil running, and the realistic one for the cartel.
  15. Keep both oil rigs. I always thought it was kind of weird that oil running was sometimes blocked by a cartel. Move the cartel to the new rig, and buff oil running so that more people use the old one for it. It’s always seemed to me that oil should be the best legal way of making money, considering that it has its own cartel. This buff would also buff the cartel itself, and it would get more fights rather than being solo-capped with no contest half the time.
  16. I definitely want the shop interiors.
  17. how do they factor in? seems a little overcomplicated, just saying.
  18. They're weird; it just doesn't seem like a car you'd be able to buy from the civ car shop. It has beacon lights on it. It seems like it'd be something for cops and medics, like rando said. The Offroad (Covered) would fit better for civs, as it's the same car but without the weird shit.
  19. remove it and buff weed field/weed processing
  20. It's the same vehicle, without the weird antennas.
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