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  1. doesnt change the fact that you are dogshit
  2. I swear every new plague variation gets worse and worse
  3. hahaha you actually only have that fag drop
  4. you play every domination just to go negative you cringe fuck
  5. damn , good bye mitchell
  6. In-Game Name: Tyrone Darnell Location: Kavala Age: 16 Previous Gangs: NSF, Black Cunts, Teamplayers Arma 3 Hours (Screenshots): How much money do you have? 15 Million Do you know anyone in the gang who will vouch for you? (Names) No Is there anything beneficial you can bring to us other than shooting, flying, or roleplaying skills? (Elaborate) here is my montage
  7. ive seen that guys asylum posts, keep that faggot banned
  8. krono went positive? cheating.
  9. there are a couple clips that arent in the montage sir
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