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  1. so plague? In game name: Tyrone DarnellPlayer ID: Tyrone DarnellScreenshot of Arma 3 Hours: Tyrone DarnellRegion (EU/NA): Tyrone DarnellVouches: Tyrone Darnell
  2. exactly, they were designed by a seven year old
  3. its ok man, we all make mistakes.
  4. wait so are you selling $15 a mil or $10?
  5. now I know why they call him the GAMING dillon
  6. Application: Tyrone DarnellInGame Name: Tyrone DarnellArma Hours (Screenshot): Tyrone DarnellAge: Tyrone DarnellPrevious Gangs: Tyrone DarnellBank balance: Tyrone Darnell What is your main money making activity?: Tyrone DarnellWhich position listed above are you applying for? Tyrone DarnellWhich click or set listed above are you applying for? Tyrone DarnellWhat can you bring to wC?: Tyrone DarnellWhy do you want to join?: Tyrone DarnellWho can vouch for you?: Tyrone Darnell
  7. doesnt change the fact that you should kill yourself
  8. yes perfect let’s add even bigger maps nobody will vote for!
  9. yeah man I 100% do! someone who plays every dom tyrone darnell
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