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  1. +1 to this but new zones on the rest of the map plz aswell
  2. why not a mod map on 1/2 days of the week, and altis domination on all the other days? seems like a good balance
  3. n1 to da homie 1:54 is getting soundboarded for sure
  4. works as a temporary fix but it would still be nice to implement this whenever the dev team has time
  5. Would be a good idea to let you spawn at the domination rebels when you join server 2. Kind of a pain in the ass when you spawn far as shit with gear at the beginning of domination because spawn location carries from server 1 to 2.
  6. While the all-time domination kill leaderboard is already really cool, adding a weekly one as well would be a nice touch. Obviously everybody can't attend every domination to contest for a top spot on all-time leaderboard, so a weekly one would give everybody a chance to try for #1 regardless of them not making it to previous weeks' dominations. I'm not a dev so I'm not sure how much work it would take, but I think it would be worth it. Potentially a reward system for the top weekly players as well would be cool, like a special ifrit skin or something (taking inspiration from GTA here, but wou
  7. +1 domination has had rly good numbers so far and CUP maps would make it perfect
  8. then i got stuck on the fucking crack
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