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  1. I mean lets be honest people who grind out the tiers and have the money to do so are most likely not rdmers, and also a supp doesn’t change whether or not people would get rdmed/abused 9mm/45 supp in gun store when
  2. Gun store too please thanks
  3. Can’t have anything pay2win
  4. Lucien

    Bounty Hunter

    Skill diff
  5. At least there aren’t any sov montage inspections here
  6. Thank you for the thorough investigation, I am guessing the change might have taken place when the notifications changed with payouts, as you stated its just one notification now even with the other honor talents for extra payouts. When we are touching master crusader, I feel I should mention that getting 1/50 honor instead of 1/100 honor from friend’s arrests would be a worthy additional feature. Used to be a thing with the old extra cuts perks and while it looks like it was patched as unintentional, it would fit as an extra bonus for crusader to bring it closer to how good predator is.
  7. Yo @Azeh can you come fix the server cheers
  8. When I turn in a bounty at Prisoner Intake, I keep an eye on the amount and no bonus is applied. I am at what should be the correct NPC - the one in the dome for Pygros. (Obviously people stripping gear don’t get the bonus as that is a different talent tree.) I believe it should only be applying to the sender amount, while the groupmates benefit from the 5/10/15% minor honor perks. The groupmate perks work, but they do not give extra honor like they used to. I have only kept a close eye on arrests at Pygros skiptracer, but I believe all locations are effected. If it is only 20%, then it is still undervalued and should be bumped back to 50% in my opinion. Maybe add a sub perk to master crusader like how lethals are for predator where it could be default 25% and then the second perk bumps it to 50%. The player perspective before was that there was an original arrest for the default amount, and then there was a second “fake” arrest which credited the additional amount at 50%. Only going off of memory here, but from what I recall the arrest only showed the default then the bonus, so from the player perspective it was not a bonus applying twice or anything.
  9. Yeah, I was never a master crusader before but I remember my friends would get the bonus
  10. I made a bug report about master crusader being useless and this is what I got so They should just add the increase back tbh
  11. Can we have the supps in all weapon shops instead of just rebel?
  12. Arma partially bases bullet velocity off of barrel length, and just adds the suppressor to the total length so longer barrel = bullet go faster = more damage and penetration
  13. Marksman rifles are going to see bigger improvements (CMR, Promet MR, MXM) but also its RNG for the most part. Another example would be ripping a tempest engine, faster with a supp. Not that I'm against adding them to the server
  14. Suppressors do increase muzzle velocity which does cause higher damage and penetration btw. Not by a significant amount but close enough that the lower calibers are more viable for ifrit ripping, for example.
  15. Lucien

    Strider and Hunter

    +1 on dom -1 on s1
  16. -1 for the bounty hunter suggestions everything else is fine There are legitimate reasons to restrain people the aren’t your bounty when bhing and the restraint timer change will fuck people over for no reason. For turfs, half of the bounty hunter tree is focused on committing crime and if someone wants to fight a turf with an MX or SPAR I don’t see the issue. Because the event is timegated unlike cartels its fucked to ask someone to switch licenses and go gear up within the timeframe rather than just going to fight with BH gear.
  17. Creator dlcs act like mods on arma 3 unlike normal dlcs. Can’t join the server without the DLC unless it is setup with the compatibility mod offered on the workshop, which all players would need to have loaded.
  18. Honestly some of them need to be fixed on S1 too some colors are unreadable compared to others
  19. Excuse to call you fat for having the biggest screenshot thumb
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