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  1. hi sir you are very smart thank you for being there for me in these dire times I hope Kleetus loves you
  2. lol just look at that crosshair movement that is a boy that never needed to actually aim
  3. that is 100% true I gotta wait 7 days to join again unacceptable
  4. I am 12 years old I heard that makes me Lieutenant material
  5. it's too late for schemes Leroy you lost ... start grinding again
  6. these are the kind of people that leave kavala because they always get rdmed then come back to kavala to get back at the rdmers by rdming everyone ... simple minded but straight forward that is what the server needs @Mitch (IFRIT) you should give him one of the open mod slots right now before he is gone forever ... 10 times better than @Trisix he will donate for a better future and ban everyone that shoots anyone for the true rp experience ... may god bless his soul amen
  7. very kewl 500k for farmersville invite
  8. maybe dont rush in to get a cheap restrain and stop crying like a bitch
  9. that is because they just like them a little bit younger than normal
  10. he is clearly delusional and needs to be put down
  11. @abdul karim azeemhttps://www.enoughabuse.org/get-help/survivors.html
  12. accepted because he is a younger, less depressed version of taylor goldberg
  13. only 500k and I will invite you to farmersville so that you can process your buds in peace ... apparently you lack the skills and friends to do it otherwise
  14. u know for just another 500k I could invite you back to farmersville
  15. guess the server is gonna be empty again without all the afk people growing weed
  16. I took a dump and "he" became sentient now he wants to join your gang and I thought he is a piece of shit, a minor aaand he got no hands ... perfect ... Name: Poobert Hours: 1 Age: 3 days old Previous Gangs: Sphincter Busters
  17. no child molesters and their groomed children in our thread pls thx @Parzah @Wumb0 btw we only accept people with all fingers intact
  18. I never got banned on anything before in my whole life I swear to allah ... pls let me in your cool ass gang
  19. make "setting your car on fire" a feature so you can blow up every car you have keys to .... I don't want to have to find a shed or a gate nearby every single time
  20. Farmer Steve is making a living selling used dongles to the chinese that is why their connection sucks so bad
  21. the difference between the chinese and the pedogang is that the chinese cant do anything about it and bbnb does it on purpose because they suck
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