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  1. @uc. imagine cheating and still being too bad to win a fight in kavala lmao
  2. imagine pulling 3 ifrits to go to the rebel airdrop because you know you can finally win a fight against the 2 guys there that only want some free stuff ... don't forget to bring your nvgs though or nanny hoodlum will scream at you
  3. what happens when you roleplay but the guy immediately got salty on being downed and is afk ... did the roleplay even happen?
  4. lul just lie to yourself little boy u know exactly that noone needs to camp inside their house to make you little pussies end the war
  5. what war with vendetta looks like because they all small pp players https://streamable.com/2xi8f
  6. this thread but undercover is still nr. 1
  7. sorry I can't read either can you repeat that one more time pls
  8. so never got a helmet, coveralls or a backpack and now you want to take away the tshirts I never use .... seems like something Hitler would have done
  9. I built a toilet paper castle an I expect to die on my throne
  10. In-game name: Jihadi Halil Age: 16 Hours in Arma 3: 365 (i know its not 500 but like ya) Wealth[Money]: 2 mil, did have 8 mil Previous Gangs: bamboo Why we should accept you: im active, i am financially stable, i dont complain Member who can vouch for you : none but am friendly
  11. for a retard with only "u mad bro" in your comeback repertoire you are pretty demanding
  12. as a corona expert I gotta say that only the genetically superior can survive this virus so as a crooked teeth brittard he is probably fucked .... @Mitch (IFRIT) probably your last chance don't regret it when it's too late
  13. I watched this video for 4 minutes before I realized it was a stream ... now I am disgusted with you and myself ....
  14. stop ... cry ... fat @Fredz
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