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  1. I always have groupmates around ... they are afk in farmersville house
  2. make it so that I can turn myself in at the courthouse with a bounty >100k so that I can avoid talking to other people
  3. ímagine banning people for a month when the server cant even stay up for 30 minutes
  4. I also know that he doesn't watch the full 5 minute report videos and just bans people for no reason even though they are clearly initiated .... pretty much the same as leady who also can't be bothered to waste his time on people he deems unworthy and just says "no action taken" after 3 minutes on a guy you didnt even report .... it's just a clown fiesta at this point and everything mitch says is clearly a complete joke and everyone is kinda aware of it anyway but in the end what do I even care anymore ... it's pointless ...
  5. true I am kinda fed up with this highschool clique gay shit that is going on between admins so I am not really objective .... but 90% of what I said is still 100% true
  6. what you need to do to be community manager: - dont play - cant even be bothered to watch whole videos -fat -retarded -useless -the only thing that is going on in the background is a dick
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