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  1. sorry I can't read either can you repeat that one more time pls
  2. so never got a helmet, coveralls or a backpack and now you want to take away the tshirts I never use .... seems like something Hitler would have done
  3. I built a toilet paper castle an I expect to die on my throne
  4. In-game name: Jihadi Halil Age: 16 Hours in Arma 3: 365 (i know its not 500 but like ya) Wealth[Money]: 2 mil, did have 8 mil Previous Gangs: bamboo Why we should accept you: im active, i am financially stable, i dont complain Member who can vouch for you : none but am friendly
  5. for a retard with only "u mad bro" in your comeback repertoire you are pretty demanding
  6. as a corona expert I gotta say that only the genetically superior can survive this virus so as a crooked teeth brittard he is probably fucked .... @Mitch (IFRIT) probably your last chance don't regret it when it's too late
  7. I watched this video for 4 minutes before I realized it was a stream ... now I am disgusted with you and myself ....
  8. stop ... cry ... fat @Fredz
  9. shit video because you didn't cl mid flight
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