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  1. that is because everyone knows that the plague problem will probably solve itself as soon as the next banwave comes around ... like always
  2. if this auction goes over 20 mil @Farmer Steve s daddy @Mitch (IFRIT) promised to to reward your generosity towards his favourite of the 4 sons with free donator levels doubling every mil >20 so every mil over 20 is 2 dollars towards your donator level happy bidding guys
  3. pan fried


    only if you promise to cheat on rust too
  4. Depiction of John Lemmon, definitely the first guy on asylum who wrote names of gangmates over a nazi picture so cool
  5. tbh fuck em all and skimancole is an admin aboozer he put me in admin restraints after I unflipped his ifrit on his dumbass ...
  6. the life cycle has ended you are trying to kick a dead horse to life again ... long time players have stayed that long because they have what they have ... if everytime sone new player wanted some good houses the server had been wiped there would be no server anymore ... and like I said I am for the wipe and deserved was probably the wrong choice of words but I am not an englishman and my english is not that good
  7. u know people that played on the server for a very long time have the houses they want ... it's as easy as that ... I can completely understand that people don't want their prime real estate going to some random retards ... farming weed for a year or mining diamonds for top dollar because you are too dumb to think of anything else doesn't really entitle you to good houses imo ... If it weren't for the actions of that small swedish collective that made the administration go crazy people would still only own what they deserve.... On topic: WIPE IT ALL because who fuckin cares at this point
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