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  1. he is an alternative rapper but he seriously had a powerful message behind him an outsider wouldn't pick up on
  2. do you really want a bunch of shitters in kavala running around with lmgs
  3. Ign:Valencia Age:15 Hours:1995 How active will you be: atleast an hour a day Previous Gangs:univited stellar Any members that can vouch: winchester
  4. https://gyazo.com/7e4968794cea2648ca43ac1d5995009a
  5. Cant remember the password or recover the account i guess this is my final goodbye to minecraft ITS BEEN A HELL OF A RIDE BOYS https://gyazo.com/ce563ef66caf1fafefc6c737d4de96f2?token=f679eaa1a47dd568be5ccbec8c9bd75c
  6. This is the same guy that has a mental breakdown every time you kill him or fuck with him in game
  7. +1 if your gonna use cops try to not to put single kills of them
  8. YVNG frank dog better be on now and then for some good ole banks
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