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  1. Show me the goods. Willing to spend 1-7 mil for the right spot.(as close as possible to square)
  2. In-game name: And Age: 25 Hours in-game(screenshot) : 1896 https://gyazo.com/29758d7e13dc43e8ab0bc82776f9fb97 Previous gangs: 602, small gang just used for selling drugs and scotch Are you a cop: Yes Why do you want to join this gang: The enemies of my enemies are my friends. Tell us 3 things you are good at in-game: CQC, Driving, and Flying
  3. Are houses automatically removed from ownership after one month of inactivity? Or is this done manually by admins? If its done manually, can we get a wipe soon?
  4. AND


    I'm back, what did I miss?
  5. AND

    S1 Telos Garage

    I'll pay market price
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