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  1. Hey it was fun while it lasted fellas. I am glad I got to help people have fun and understand the game a bit better. Good luck with your future events
  2. i dont have the patience to add accent marks to letters to make them actually make sense lol
  3. yo sento los comunicaciones seria muchos malo, que yo sabo?
  4. yo hablan un poco espanol. yo contribuir con memes jajajajaja
  5. I feel it is a mixture of both. Most gangs will check captures and fight it when there's a desirable amount of money inside. However gangs also fight for the fight instead of the money, which is why I think it would be cool if you get to fight in a different area with a better incentive. Alot of people would rather have dirty money than rubber.
  6. Kavala gangs aren't the point here though. I'm just saying they would get exposure to much better gangs and figure out good tactics to win, therefore giving more gangs experience/bringing more gangs for experienced gangs to fight. There's just a lot of fun ass places to fight that no one wants to fight because they are useless, oil cartel on the salt flats is fun as hell to fight, defending and attacking.
  7. Lots of people dislike the locations of some cartels. Instead of having designated locations for cartels (east arms, og arms, sand wong's) they could be randomized. For example, we could fight drug cartel in the oil cartel on salt flats. This would make fights incredibly interesting for me as most gangs don't fight in certain areas. It would also increase the diversity of gangs that fight, for example, the Kavala gangs would be able to go to the previous Oil cartel location and fight Arms. This would be a very big jump from what we would have previously, but personally I think it would be awesome to be able to go all over the map instead of never having to go east since it is only ever oil cartel.
  8. credits you can use to make your next donation or crate key purchase. nevertheless you rolled and got another item which you were compensated for.
  9. There is no wagering here because you aren't losing all your money and getting nothing in return, you are just dissatisfied with what you recieved. If you dislike what you recieved, boohoo.
  10. You got something in return didn't you? It would be different if you spent 2.50 for a key and got nothing at all. Because that is what the Act that you just spent time out of your day to find entails. If this act were true, you wouldn't be able to play CS:GO, World of Warcraft, and many other games that have loot crates where you roll to get items.
  11. Even if the market is operating, who wants to buy your green quality items that everyone already has?? You would maybe get 3 cents for selling those really neat Troll and Unicorn shirts.
  12. Multiple items turn into extra credits to use on the Asylum website. With these extra credits you can buy another crate key. Either way, it isn't very cool to post screenshots for getting common items out of the pool and telling people not to donate. There are some people who have gotten purple rate items on their first crate. You donated to the server, which is great, but if you want guaranteed results donate directly to the server (not buying crate keys) and get the guaranteed donation results instead of skins.
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