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  1. Thanks for the advice I ended up finding a perfect one. No garage but it will do. I will keep this in mind when i buy another!
  2. What's up peeps? Looking for a server 2 House / 3 crate preferably with a garage. Good locations Or an industrial house. Hit me up with the pics I know we got a lot of realtors out there. Come on in and Show emm.
  3. Whats up brother still got some?
  4. If you like this one I can get many more...for a price. I can also have him shave his whiskers if need be....
  5. Hello! If you need any help running anything I can be hired for a price. Don't worry I'll look out for you. Feel free to message me on arrangements and meetups. Having trouble getting certain items? I'm here to help!
  6. Take it easy my brother. I know we all must take a break sometimes. I'm sure the tight grip of Asylum will bring you back some day.
  7. `BBB`ArgeliZZI


    Whats up!! Welcome to the community
  8. Came to leave my approval for all the changes except.....the no doors on Prowlers and Quilins. You may continue on... I am Argelizzi and I just approved this message.
  9. LOL It's cool brother yeah I was wondering why you asked hahaha
  10. I don't really have any in particular. If you have one I can take a look lol. Thanks in advance
  11. HMU I am looking for a Server 2: 3crate and garage house in Athira.
  12. Totally agree, I left because its toxic all around. Community and all
  13. Its never good bye, see you later my friend
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