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  1. i cant tell if thats meant to be a gotcha moment or not, cause probably 5k of them are from 2 years ago and further lol, but ty for bumping the post lovely x
  2. dont worry im actually out living life instead of being a virgin who sits on a dead roleplay forums all day x
  3. have either of you ever heard of a joke or touched grass? also im so thankful my fans have saved all this stuff to remember they once killed a legend
  4. i said it ironically but i actually am anyways i have never been killed in arma 3
  5. no way oskars egos that big lmao, sammy was better than him ahahahahhaahahahahahahah
  6. was so bad i might just put a copyright strike
  7. Hey do you guys mind answering this question
  8. people in unknown were banned for cheating, no?
  9. opium


    if they ask for comp, then they cannot report if they dont, and you still comp, they can still report
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