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  1. - No Maximum Image Amount - Image Size Limit (Combined): 500x500 - Line Restriction: 6 - Keep Max URL at 1 I don't see why multi images aren't allowed, but still impose a combined size limit so you don't got hundreds of images filling up who knows how much space. If you can't fit all pertinent information for a signature in 6 lines, maybe you need to create a forum topic/post at that point. Keep URLs restricted to 1. Any more is fairly unnecessary.
  2. This...thats how it's done on cop side (in the form of prestige anyways), so why not have it done the same medic side (but money being the compensation, instead of prestige since medics have no use for prestige)? Only makes sense.
  3. My doggo that I love to bits. He's so fucking awesome. I have more pics, but I didn't want to spam this post up too much xD
  4. Every restart there is a "roll of the dice", to determine where the location for field/processors/cartels. In the case of fields/processors, its more so a "flip of the coin" since there are only 2 locations for them (east and west). D2 refers to the second position for most/all fields and processors (correct me if I am wrong on that @Gnashes). Just like a coin, the outcome once it is flipped is random, and can so happen to have 3, 4, or even 5 times in a row where it lands on heads/tails.
  5. One poll is more then enough, and bamf already commented on it. Spamming polls just to receive the same answer will do nothing. Sorry to break your heart with that.
  6. Welp, I'll leave you with two obvious options since bamf doesn't seem to be changing it that soon: 1. Suck it up and learn. 2. Don't fly the Taru. Dunno what else you think you can accomplish outside of that
  7. People unwilling to learn how to fly with rotorlib would wipe out 75% of those votes.
  8. Last I heard, people didnt care if rotorlib would be added to it or not if it came back
  9. Community said they wanted Taru back, regardless if rotorlib was added or not. Complain when Taru gets added with Rotorlib. #communityproblems #getoverit
  10. Yet, you can buy a 20K RV, go to the middle of no where, and make a down-graded version of meth without worrying (too much) about being caught. Get over it :l Also, no. No need to bump up crank. Again, its more or less worry free as far as getting caught, unless you have a bounty and get tracked by BHs or through APBs.
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