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  1. The APD is run like an organization with certain policies and regulations governing it. Psychology proves that younger age equates to less vigilance of your actions and a willingness to do your own thing (a part of maturity). The APD doesn't need that.

    Because of the nature of the APD and the large number of whitelisted officers, the APD needs individuals who are able to abide by a piece of text and take an order. Not saying you can't, but generally that is the case around your age group. 

    And just for the record, the age limit has been lowered considerably twice in the past. It failed to improve the force both times, in fact, it noticeably diminished it.


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  2. 14 hours ago, Flashpoint said:

    What is the current stance on non-medics wearing medic uniforms? As time goes by, the enforcement of this becomes more and more lax, as it used to be strict. Though, I'm not able to find anything citing the legality of this in the guidebook.



    If you come across someone wearing a medic uniform who is not actually a medic, you should ask that person to drop the uniform and if that person refuses, you would charge them with "Possession of police equipment" in game, but read the charge as "Possession of medic equipment" to that person when you're charging him/her.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, bigjohn561 said:

    @Wondero WHAT IF THEY STALlING TO EXPLAIN? or taking like 30min to explain... if I know they will take 30min just because they bored

    I can't address every situation, as there are unlimited variables involved when it comes to processing someone. Use your common sense, give chances to explain when appropriate, and if an issue arises, it will be handled on a case to case basis.

  4. 3 minutes ago, bigjohn561 said:

    Role Playing! I just heard from someone that u CAN receive POINTS if u do not role play with someone when u ticket them. example---- I arrest u and read off ur charges

    then issue u the ticket (cuz I don't have time or don't want to role play with u). and then they ask to explain their charges and I issue the ticket and they refused and I send them to jail.

    I've haven't seen in the book that u can receive points for robo copping people. but then SOME LT's say they will issue points for it. I've been robo copped before so im just wondering was I supposed to record and report them for robo copping me..

    The guidebook does state that you should give a chance for a suspect to explain their charges when appropriate. Thus, depending on the severity of the situation, there is absolutely a possibility that disciplinary action could be taken.

  5. 29 minutes ago, william said:

    Do i have to wait 20 mins to go back to rebel? Or is it once per restart?

    Since you are not allowed to regularly patrol the outpost and may only travel there with a reason - there is no grace period between reasons. However, please remember that there is a new life rule in place if you are killed at the outpost, and therefore you may not return.

    Basically, you have to have a new reason to go back up there. But if you're just hanging around the outpost waiting for someone to ping again because you just died there 5 minutes ago, you're in violation of NLR.

    Common sense should be your go-to in that situation.

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  6. 56 minutes ago, What zit tooya said:

    What about in an active pursuit if the cartel is contested or not. Do they still have to back off?

    Active pursuit into a cartel is still the same as the old policy. So, no, they don't have to back off.

    3 hours ago, Leady said:

    If you have a constable enter a cartel, not pursuing, and not with a cpl + record and report.

    ^ what he said. That corporal+ may have others with him/her which are not tracking but simply providing backup - but as long as there is someone with a warrant there, no APD policies are broken.

  7. Just now, Legit said:

    Could I take this as similar to seizing a firearm, only limited to actually witnessing any gun-related crime (Excluding the obvious, suicide bombings etc)

    You witnessing a bounty hunter commit a [serious] crime is not necessarily limited to gun-related crimes. Drug possession charges are also criteria for revoking the license. Any serious crime that you witness gives you the right to revoke the bounty hunter license of the individual.

    Again, if you have questions on specific charges, ask a higher up.

  8. On 6/12/2016 at 4:10 AM, Legit said:

    I'm sorry if the question has already been asked/answered if so please quote it, But I'm looking for the reasons to take somebodys BH licence, as I have seen it been taken for charges as little as an unlawfull detainment. Some believe it to be able to be taken any time you witness somebody commit a crime, other say whenever they are wanted you can. 

    I was under the assumption you had to witness them specifically abuse their weapon/tools to be able to seize it. 

    From the guidebook:



    If you witness a Bounty Hunter commit a crime, he is to be sent straight to jail (revoke bounty hunter license). If a Bounty Hunter has the "Bounty Hunter Execution" charge it is a straight to jail (revoke bounty hunter license) .  A bounty Hunter who is wanted is to be questioned and given the opportunity to pay his ticket if deemed guilty.

    Basically, you have to witness the bounty hunter do something. Whether that is rob a store or kill someone with a rook - any serious crime is grounds for you to remove their license. Don't revoke for vehicular crimes or anything small and pointless.

    If you have a question about which charge(s) you should revoke for and which you shouldn't, ask a Sergeant+ while you're playing.

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  9. Don't know if this is mentioned before - but prisoners are still wanted after coming out of jail, and charging someone with crimes on cop after they were not wanted at all does not make them appear on the wanted list. Seen on Server 1.

  10. 56 minutes ago, SheriffJohnBeard said:

    Clearly stated. 

    As a civilian it's considered RDM. As an officer, it is ALSO considered RDM.

    To quote the previous times that I've had to say this:


    Stop clarifying / giving answers if you are not a Lieutenant.

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