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  1. Going to laugh if all the guns are stored in Sofia, might be worth saying a location for where you store them.
  2. Sail it down the river of shit
  3. Meh 9/10 entrance, 6/10 vest. https://youtu.be/HSFb974ACHs Old vid, shit quality but full Hemmt box of Bars, Ifrit and 4 geared rebels. https://youtu.be/5pOXI4knNm0 Cops are always the easiest target
  4. Feel like I own that title. ...
  5. Thomas

    WTS DP11 S1

    Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 150k Location (Town/DP#): DP11 Asking Price: 650K (Listed on market) Description: 3 crater in DP11, good for a scotch house. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  6. Customs is BS for most places only on large cost orders, ordering to the US, shipped from the UK gets charged something around 10% on the amount over $800 (less than that is not taxed). Ordering into the UK from outside the EU needs to be around £120 or less for no import cost. Small purchases typically remain unaffected Also, you need to sort out signed mouse pads, profits would sky rocket.
  7. Never going to sell it then, every time this house goes up for sale it averages 1m - 2.5m depending on the buyer. S1 due to population would probs go for that amount with a stupid af buyer but S2 aint that popular.
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