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  1. Can confirm server 1 owner will not sell
  2. Going rate for 3 craters is around 1m, 70ks around 500k if that. Bought/sold enough of them recently to know you wont get it. Just saving you sometime if you actually plan on selling it.
  3. Give up, or lower price. Worth 1m at most, just keep gear and move it to another house. Nobody pays extra to take your shit and save you the hassle of moving it.
  4. Alt accounts +3 houses on each, perma keys on main account ? Or will you limit total keys you can hold at once per person ? Someone will big brain this either way. -1 for removing houses from people, will kill the real estate economy.
  5. Highly doubt he would sell it under a mill, he would have it listed on market if that was the case. FYI Other Athira one sold at 1.5m
  6. 10k-15k for the ability to take a loadout that averages 25-30k
  7. @MRNasty As it currently stands, Apex predator (stripping bounty targets) is a end goal/ target for bounty hunters, you need to earn it. As someone who has this I have probably used it a handful of times, only when the gear is worth more than an average loadout (rpg/lmg's). Risk to skiptrace people is often worth less than the bounty. What you suggest essentially gives the ability for someone to spend like 2k on a P07, down a fully geared rebel and take their gear. (+ Whatever cost you suggest for the item to do it with). This just encourages trolling and being toxic af, just leading to more people disconnecting. Only way I see this working out is something like an infamy talent v gang war targets (Bounty hunter style but flipped for a rebel perspective). Being able to take anyones gear at will is just a terrible idea.
  8. @Steve Cosma Already an honour perk for Apex Predator, not overpowered tho since its only your assigned bounty target. Imo best not to add something like this. Situation I can see being a problem, PO7 naked, downs/ restrains fully geared player, takes stuff and leaves. 1k to get a full loadout and cause shit loads of people to rage quit.
  9. Sorry if you felt left out, will get you with the next one.
  10. Going to laugh if all the guns are stored in Sofia, might be worth saying a location for where you store them.
  11. Sail it down the river of shit
  12. Meh 9/10 entrance, 6/10 vest. https://youtu.be/HSFb974ACHs Old vid, shit quality but full Hemmt box of Bars, Ifrit and 4 geared rebels. https://youtu.be/5pOXI4knNm0 Cops are always the easiest target
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