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  1. 20 hours ago, David said:

    So i was talking with a guy that was verry salty about the way he got arested. He requested a higher up so i looked in my precinct ts to see if there is any. There weren't any higher ups on so i told him that no higher ups on duty, so i read him his charges and asked him if he can explain them. Then he tells me that he is getting and admin and a lt so i need to wait.

    So my question is, do i need to look for a higher up in all the ts when one is requested, and i need to wait when the rebel tells me he will get one? Or can i just continnue?

    Typed on phone, excuse grammar.

    If there is no higher up on your server directly, you shouldn't be looking for any on other servers, nor are you actually required to. 

    The player cannot "request an admin" either, just proceed with the processing if there is no higher up on your server (if he requests one).

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  2. To everyone who has had an issue with the etiquette or actions of police officers on every server  (6 included), the resolution is the same - make an internal affairs report and we will take action if necessary. Complaints in a patch notes thread will not bring us any closer to solving the apparent epidemic of police policy violations on Server 6.

  3. 2 hours ago, CyanogenCX said:

    This might seem obvious, but better safe than sorry. Are airplanes to be treated the same as helicopters? Any new policy changes regarding the introduction of airplanes? Also, I don't have the talents/money to check, but do APD personnel have access to airplanes?

    There is no change in policy for airplanes, but frankly I doubt anyone will do much enforcing aviation laws on planes given the nature of the map. I do not believe we have access to any airplanes as police officers either.

  4. Ladies and gents, there is a reason we have a disclaimer in BOLD AND RED text in the original post of this thread. The instructions are simple - do not respond unless your rank is Lieutenant or Captain.

    I don't care if you're advising something or pointing something out, if you're not asking a question, keep your fingers off your keyboard.

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  5. 7 hours ago, Will said:

    Scenario : you see a civilian walking around kavala with a po7 you ask to search him for his bounty hunter license and find he doesn't have one. Do you charge possession of illegal firearm since he doesn't have the license or possession of police equipment? 

    Possession of police equipment for the PO7 isn't applied until there is a silencer on the weapon. You may charge him/her with possession of an illegal firearm.

    One note to remember though, as the illegal firearm charge is still bugged - and that is to either substitute "Failure to Stop" in the charging menu since that charge is also $250, or to not charge him/her at all and just seize the weapon.

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  6. 15 hours ago, Krazy said:

    It covers the basics if you dont know how to use one. It does not tell you anything about guidelines. If there arent any real guidelines we may want to make some.

    "Don't be a dick" is the current guideline for drones. They were removed from a certain rank in the past for the reasons of them being abused. Sergeants and above hold the trust for them to not be abused (which can be broken, of course).

    Basically, you may use them whenever you please but do not fly the drone over an illegal area, let it sit there, then go into your terminal every five minutes to see if anyone is at the illegal area. Also, don't put the drones over a place where you wouldn't go yourself as an officer unless meeting entrance criteria dependent on the place(cartel, rebel outpost, etc.)

    That's a quick guide on how to not abuse the drones.

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  7. 2 hours ago, TwinCities said:

    I had this situation a couple hours ago.


    I pulled over someone that was wanted, he had the badge on top of the head but at the time to search him he didn't had a bounty hunter license, instead he had rebel training . How should I process him in this case of I saw him doing the crime? 

    The official way to know if they're a bounty hunter is the bounty hunter license. If that license doesn't show up in their list of licenses, he/she is not a bounty hunter.

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  8. The chief position was removed for a reason. It was an entire popularity contest and a large percentage of staff who were staff since then will attest to that.

    Do you want the captain position to be removed now too?

    The reason that the captains vote for the new captains is that only the captains know what they're looking for. You can't exactly be able to correctly tell me what a good captain is without actually holding the position.

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  9. 1 hour ago, (BKB) Sean said:

    It seems like, at least on server 3 when I am on, that there is always something going on. This has become a problem with trying to drill cadets for their ridealong. It seems like officers are constantly calling for backup even if its 4 officers chasing 2 people. Is it possible for a constable+ to take some cadets and go patrol legal areas? And ignore some of these backup calls that seem like bringing more cops would just be overkill. I am not saying do this for an extended period of time but at least for a half hour to have time to talk to the cadets.  Theres always the chance of finding someone that is wanted but more likely to have time to ask the cadets questions and also get them some good positive rp with people that aren't wanted. Of course it would still be required to go to fed/bank/prison and more necessary backup calls where the officers are outgunned.   

    It depends on the person who's requesting backup, and if they are ordering you to be there or not. In the hypothetical event that a Lieutenant were to tell all online officers to respond to a certain situation, you would be required to. It is a grey area in terms of how it overlaps certain APD guidelines, but I will tell you that if you are ordered by a higher ranking officer to go somewhere, you must go there. If that is not the case, it is up to you whether to respond or not. Of course, as you stated, you are required to respond to the reserve, prison, or bank if a robbery or prison break were to occur. 

    The biggest suggestion I can give to you is that in the event back to back combat situations are hindering your ability to teach a cadet, switch servers to one that is less populated and you should have better luck.

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  10. 2 hours ago, TwinCities said:

    If I'm in a RP Situation that the civ threatens to suicide if I don't give him a Cop cap ( after like 15 mons talking with him) I'm I allowed to give him the cap or this could get me in trouble?

    You're not kidnapped, don't give out your gear.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Gremlin said:

    Are you allowed to camp prison/bank/fed?

    Yes. "Camping the Federal Reserve" is a heading inside the Police Etiquette and Ethics tab, but the concept applies to any of the locations you mentioned.

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