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  1. nope that's why its bs mitch won't unban him there is literally no reason he should be banned
  2. you are actually dumb lmfao
  3. Lang


    I will perfect the art of the passenger seat in your honor #FreeCRH
  4. You are actually dumb. 1. this is a different conversation and I’m not talking about what I said to you and 2. I’m saying that you will see less of 1v1 ego drops and more of 2v1 3v1 whatever you wanna say. And sorry for making you read so much I’m sure you’re gonna have to rest a little now. God damn I didn’t realize having an iq less that 50 was a requirement for unknown Also you are literally known for driving around in ifrits and never dropping and you probably have 2x my hours so yeah keep talking
  5. He said it would help with the skill gap and I’m saying it won’t cause the experienced people are always going to win in smaller fights. I think you and Connor need to take a reading comprehension course
  6. I’m not sure what you don’t get not trying to be a dick Honestly the group cap isn’t going to help the skill gap it’ll just make it so the more skilled players can’t get overwhelmed
  7. Yeah maybe or maybe you’re just gonna have 10 ifrits pushing 3 or 4 people all the time cause everyone is scared too drop.
  8. Now that gave me a good laugh
  9. Why 10 man just out of curiosity?
  10. @Steve has precisely 1 brain cell no more no less.
  11. Oly has one tonight
  12. That defeats the whole purpose of the fix lmfao
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