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  1. I don't think ive ever seen tommy alt f4 Tommy Brady strikes again
  2. Since were pointing everything out I was the one who deleted the links and called them out but @Vortex definately did not post them
  3. "I don't care about money" won't spend bm though... hmm
  4. didn't know asians could see so well
  5. I would like to refer you to any one of your gang members montages lol this fool on forums more than me and im not banned life must suck lol
  6. why are you still trying so hard to be apart of a community you're permed from lol go outside
  7. I like how everyone is acting like this is supposed to be a serious montage lol I like it
  8. no don't do it to yourself. stay away be smarter than the rest of us.
  9. You couldn’t handle my square chin buddy
  10. they already talked about having both you fool
  11. I think a better question is how do you spend money in a game this old. Says the one who had to get banned to be able to stop playing a 8 year old game
  12. yeah 4 people man thats all of us lol
  13. Is there no way to make a physical item that is identical in weight and looks but just put the scroll wheel option at the bottom of the menu?? If not I am all for the virtual item. Either way +1 Because I enjoy watching people get killed after fat fingering
  14. I'm a bit retarded I thought the guy who made the post is who said that mb.
  15. Because you’re not the only one who gets killed in towns lmfao everyone starts at the same place you are man just gotta get better at the game and more experience then it’s not an issue
  16. Okay first I thought it was brutally obvious that I was joking... Second didn't you just contradict yourself?? This guy gets it
  17. No man why I have to die while naked not fair man not fair...
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