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  1. If it's high as I think it is, and I'll need a fact check but at least cutting the price in half would be serviceable. Now that I'm thinking deeper into it, the cost would put weigh the reward that SRT usually nets. Rebels do win more money so there's that.
  2. How much is it on the civilian side? Or just adding that on is too much? My base understanding is that it's roughly around 100k but I could be completely wrong with that.
  3. Eh I'm leaning more on what fitz suggested. RPK would be really neat and it would be neat to have, but that 50 cal mag for the 115 would be the sweet spot. Again so long as the price is the same as the civilian side I'd feel as so that would be completely fair.
  4. I like that personally. I'd say make it the same price as rebels to make it even.
  5. Yeah I'm having some trouble on thinking of another potential unlock (1k kills) to replace the 50 Cal. A title would be really awesome (Still mulling over some names) But I felt as so that wouldn't really be enough. Trick is to find a gun that's not too overpowered over the MX SW.
  6. Good luck! You're going to need it.........god help you........
  7. The links above provide additional context or are helpful to note while making this suggestion, but the SRT faction needs some rework. From reward structure to quality of life, it currently lacking incentive to play on SRT especially to those who are new and would like to give the faction a shot. Now, at the time of writing, there isn't much in the way of rewards once you pass that 500 kills. I want to propose not only to help improve the quality of life gameplay but to add on more rewards unique to SRT/Cops that we can work towards and make the effort of playing S2 as an SRT member more worth it. Better equipment Current start gear offers what is effectively SWAT gear. Given that you start with that set of gear and that if you're a new player to S2, starting with an MK20 is incredibly painful to work with when you're starting out as an SRT. A way to fix this is that we could make CSAT or pilot coveralls to give some form of better protection. Ways to work with this idea or rather a compromise is that you would buy the pilot coveralls/CSAT for that better protection; It's also a suitable method of money sinking. Vehicles in my opinion are fine the way they are, as long as we get some form of general protection that's effective would go a long way in this. Reward structure The method of unlocking better guns (ignoring MK20 fuck that gun) is solid however adding another gun unlock at 1k to replace what was the 50 Cal truck would be greatly appreciated. Another idea to add on rewards is titles. Something else for us to acquire while playing, similar to the civilian side is to unlock a title to show off on S1 and S2 to give that incentive to keep grinding and working towards for those who are completionism or would like to be unique. It was already approved in @shawn's post (Thanks buddy!) but I wanted to place it here to get some additional feedback for those who are interested. Also when we get kills in hot zone, can we get that bonus money like the civilian faction gets with blood money would be also appreciated. I wanted to make this to get the conversation going more seriously for the SRT faction, this is just what I've seen and done as an active SRT member and would like to open the door for this conversation. Thanks for reading if you did!
  8. Ain't going to lie, when I had a few years being away from the server I would just hop on for an hour or less to keep my athira house. Little weird I know. And cheesey.
  9. Remove the medic slots and just make them UC. Not like they're being used imo
  10. You could record the meeting from start to finish if that's an idea.
  11. KrazyKnight


    To add, you can get PCP at the fungi den as well. But yeah, not being able to make it. That and it's a low percent chance of you getting PCP. Should just remove it imo.
  12. Shouldn't be necessary at this point. It's do or don't at this point. I say do it.
  13. When are we going to get together and 1v1? Nice head shot frag in the air btw.
  14. He killed The IRS. What a hero!
  15. Clearly you need to buy better houses to run LSD. Main issue with it really is the cut it takes when you do the sheet process, since it's already taking your pills. Only real worth running it at this stage is when you own drug cartels.
  16. I don't believe that's what Johnny meant. Just a small 30 minute event and then after said event it would be normal as usual. A miniature Dom if you will.
  17. Yep. Same one that took out Durga all those years ago while I was on cop.
  18. In game name:KrazyKnight Age:24 Location/Timezone:USA EST Arma 3 hours(screenshot):https://i.gyazo.com/0de515df56c032edfbdfe94d5ba4f183.png Asylum hours: Same amount of time, if not less. I've only play KOTH and asylum. Hell made my start in asylum. Previous gangs:Black Spades,Uninvited,Independent Slayers Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: I love me some dildo rock. And yes. Why do you want to join us?:For the memes and for the lolz. And be in a good well known gang. What can you bring to the FSA?:More memes, and some good CQC combat. I suck at long rang, sorry bois. Do you know any current members who can vouch for you:? @Alec-I
  19. it's 2022 i guess im gay
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