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  1. Leaves ifrits at rebel makes a screenshot jeez whats happend to you haaha
  2. -Roster- Requirements: Must Have 1.5k Hrs: Must Be Experienced: Be Able To Speak English: Application Template: Name: Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join?: Anyone who can vouch for you:
  3. Could have been better if one I could be arsed to save up kills and make a longer and two if I didn't delete shit tons of clips but enjoy.
  4. @Jimmy @Jimmy @Jimmy @Jimmy @Madhead @Madhead @Madhead @Madhead
  5. +1 Great lad that knows what he is doing, would like to see this guy in here, but up to you boys
  6. - Age? : 16 - Hours on Arma 3? : 4.3k - Do you have a sufficient knowledge of cartel experience? : Yes - Previous gangs? : Tenacity - What can you bring to тenacity? : Good cartel knowledge and shooting dawg - Why do you want to join тenacity? : Been here before and want to come back after been inactive
  7. In-Game Name: Jimmy Age: 16 Timezone: GMT 00 Hours In ArmA: 3.3k Hours Played Daily: 6-7HR's a day Previous Gangs: None from this server Do You Have Knowledge Of Cartels: Yes have been playing olympus for a few months and have gained knowledge of most callouts Why Do You Want To Join φrimitive: As I am looking for a gang that will be active and will fight cartels daily, I am good in combat and can bring some good skills, and by the looks of things you guys fight alot.
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