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Evidence Locker Raids

Shouldnt Evidence Lockers & Evidence Locker Raiding Be Added?  

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  1. 1. Shouldnt Evidence Lockers & Evidence Locker Raiding Be Added?

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    • No
    • Fuck No

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Basically, as a cop, all seized items are seized into evidence but where exactly are the items going? The items should be seized into an Evidence Locker at whatever HQ it is seized to and the locker should be raidable for the guns or gear inside it. The raiding process should be difficult and long because of the gamble you take for what is inside the locker. The Lockers should be in a room only accessible by a drill like bank but inside the room demo charges will be needed to open the lockers. 

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Would need to fix the time line for prison first. And have it active when there is 10k worth drugs in locker.

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