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    <13:08:45> "ron": your pic is when you killed me with the green suit? <13:08:48> "ron": wow <13:09:16> Chat partner has closed the conversation
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  1. "What does "Page" mean in medieval times?" In medieval times, a page was an attendant to a nobleman, a knight, a Governor or a Castellan. Until the age of about seven, sons of noble families would receive training in manners and basic literacy from their mothers or other female relatives.
  2. "6) Cops could maybe lock the main gates at hq's for safety purposes which could be cut open like they do at fed. " Ehh Civs can get into hq no matter how doesn't matter if the gates are locked if or blocked by four cops three cars blocking the gate they always get in somehow, heli, chute, van over wall, etc But would be cool to see after processing after paid ticket civs would get teleported back to a city or outside of hq.
  3. Think it's worth buying new ram or just get new ram with new motherboard?
  4. Prob time for new comp had since 2012, can anyone cipher this?
  5. Ihave a garage right below your house must be neighbors.
  6. Yesterday's event had well over 17 cops on vs rebels and someone did the bank APD couldn't do the bank at the time they got away with 500k
  7. so that's what the wheeeeeels are for.
  8. Anyone know percentage or this?
  9. yeah you turd lol doing bank at the last 17 min haha i knew it haha we were uhmm what happen haha but after all i got the seize the bank notes 2nd time i ever done that :) good fight
  10. For those who have reading problems such as I you can copy the text and copy and will repeat in cool speech personally i dig US Microsoft Zira Desktop. https://ttsreader.com/
  11. You should see my hang time reports every time when there is fed or bank when we need to re spawn we get a hang time report in so i just sui.
  12. On serious note increase salt gather 15% or 10% refine i get a little sketch when processing salt wide open spaces haha
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