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Bringing Back Oysters in a Slightly Different Way



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  1. 1. Should oysters be brought back in this manner?

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  • As they are, oysters are very much neglected. No one wants to take a boat all the way out there just to make a mediocre amount of money.
  • Bring back Oyster Field at the location it was before, with a minor redesign of the layout. Instead of "Oyster Field", it should be called "Wong's Oyster Farm." This will press the theme of oyster poaching, and make oysters being illegal make more sense.
  • Instead of an Oyster Processing location, players will choose to either sell their oysters raw, OR cook them inside their house with a new housing upgrade called "Stove". Processing oysters inside a house will NOT be a passive procedure. Players will have a scroll option and progress bar to cook the oysters they have in their backpack just like they did at the original Oyster Processing. The process of cooking the oysters should take a long time, relative to other drug processing times. The "Stove" housing upgrade can cost 40k or so, and could also be used to cook other kinds of meat, like was previously suggested. While players process, their house should emit smoke.
    • This gives more freedom to players about how they want to run oysters, without giving them too much of an advantage. They can use a house near Wong's Oyster Farm, or they can use a house near Wong's Food and Liquor. They can make trips back and forth, filling up their house to process all at once, or they can do singular, complete runs in a truck. They can even skip processing altogether.
    • This will bring more attention and activity to Arms Island and the area around Therisa. Houses there will become very valuable, because they are not just useful for storing oysters, but are required for processing them. It's an area that already gets a good amount of traffick (especially if the new cartel locations are implemented), so this will help reduce how spread-out the playerbase is.
  • Raw oysters should sell for $350 each, and cooked oysters should sell for $750 each (Approximately). Because of the profitability, oyster poaching will be very competative.
  • Here are some pictures of the new, lower-profile layout:



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