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  1. i'm so happy you're part of my guild , love you henry an absolute banger btw ! @skimancolemaybe you can promote this to your guild as well i'm sure henry will make something for you guys
  2. hi skiman, i hope you have a good rest of your day
  3. i mean have you tried to , just ask the guy capping what the % is at?
  4. i hate the arguements given for it, but i dont care if it gets dropped down a rank
  5. i just love the fact that you didnt respawn but were just listening to it you fucking pervert @Henry Facesmasher
  6. i think you formulated it wrong iT wILl bE tOo hArD to iMpLEmENT
  7. We have been keeping our scripts for ourselves for too long and come up with a way you can be as good as meatstick For just the low price of 79.99$ for the basic version or 99.99$ for premium you can also get : MeatMenu Just as a sample of what the MeatMenu can do for you here is a small sample Become one of our subscribers today! (This is meant as a joke we don't script nor do we sell scripts this is mainly to annoy the people that think we do)
  8. this is the only place DH can fight and still hope to win xD
  9. https://gyazo.com/977f887a3932258dbf583f0118b1fda2
  10. i'ma be honest i kinda like the antennas, they distract me from the fact that i'm driving which weirdly enough makes me drive better.. just to give you an idea of how much of a godly driver i am (clip might be old but driving still the same) :
  11. 2 restarts, then whenever your first adult plants are ready you process and sell them fill house back up with seeds and youll keep getting adult plants every restart because it ages the different stages individually , there's no risk involved the drug dealer? how many time do people actually get caught at the drug dealer , if it's in kavala be friendly with the gangs , sofia be friendly with the chinese , athira i wouldnt know that's my kavala 2.0 at this point and pyrgos is kinda out of the way now and only ran into a guy once after i managed to do a hemmt box worth. house aging should just be gone completely to stop giving out free money i wish they'd just rip the bandaid off short pain people will complain as they always do but in the end it'll benefit the server and the economy if passive money makers are just gone
  12. even if implemented with a new drug, said gangs are still going to be toxic to the point where no cops even would patrol those fields , having a new free money source pretty much. other people have moved out of kavala because kavala has always been pretty much the starter city. 1 Bring back house value Adding a new drug that is better then weed is going to bring the price of kavala houses up even more in an already over inflated economy , i don't think this would really be good for the server or it's economy. people already ask insane amounts for kavala square houses as is 2. bring more traffic. Honestly as far as kavala goes people have given up on it for good reason, there's no point in going there unless you like to be downed and restrained for 10 minutes unless you're friendly with the kavala gangs issue isn't lack of things to do but said gangs that took over kavala and just sit in houses restrain people and just ruin the fun. Also kavala is still closest to lsd , which increased trafic around lsd / kavala for about 4 months before dying out, i don't know the number of people still doing it, but it just feels like it's good as dead. if anything make fentanyl if added a purification option for heroin as suggest in another post and maybe add a purified type of weed for the normal weed runners to make extra money (also at purification)
  13. or you know, just leave kavala?
  14. balanced asall things should be, Get rid of the house money makers , i'm so tired of there being 100+ people on and 80 of them are just nowhere to be found because why do anything if you can just buy some seeds put it in your house and wait
  15. because everyone is fucking tired of house money makers
  16. @ObiWoki Only using houses as storage is the way it should be, if patato still wants weed seeds to be noob friendlier maybe could add a multiple areas across the map where you can process seeds into adult plants / bud, multipe zones will make it relatively safer for people and not completely ruin like sofia rats that bought houses to do weed over there?
  17. since this topic is asking for more information on actions taken and what not can we just stop hiding the player reports, man i really don't want to apply for mod, but if that's the only way i get to see people cry about the most basic things... (still surprised i havent been banned yet recently) Or leroys comps i want to personally go through every single one and add up the numbers of how much money has been pumped back into the economy just by his comp requests (I like numbers because i play asylum which automatically makes me autistic , and an alcoholic) Make asylum bans great again With kind regards Teddy
  18. i still think the housing part should be taken out of money making as in aging the seeds, just make it a process to grow them in an area (i honestly hate all house aging except for scotch which had alot of backlash in the past but people were ok with because it was just 1 way to make money in your house and you sacrificed a house crate for an aging barrel back then as far as noob friendlyy goes i understand potato in saying like go wreck excavate in sofia buy a house and grow seeds, it's a safe way for newer players to make some money but maybe weed should go back to the bottom of the list in payout make it like heroin levels of money making if weed is only intended to help out newer players, it's stlil passive money as is it's a feeling alot of og players share , there is nothing to do anymore redzones are empty 90% of the time, noone to rob or have some fun with you go to cartels because you're bored if any of the gangs show up you're lucky (and tbh last couple of days its actually been really actvie) If you dont go to cartels you start looking at fed events which then pisses off the cops because they're getting fed spammed, trust me cops are not keeping gang life alive, they are nothing more then an ok fallback plan to mess with if there is just nothing else to do i am and never was a cartel player i love the random interactions you can get driving or flying over places and finding a group doing ephedra or whatever and trying to mess with them it's the most fun i have on this server. when lsd and weed got added lsd processor was a constant fight people brought ifrits and 50 cals to try to get us out of there, that's the kind of things we miss after lsd got its value decreased it died out and alot of people lost interest in it to where now i think if krazy doesnt camp it it's almost 90% safe to do an lsd run lol , same for weed you'll never get robbed buying seeds people will just revive you if you ask, it's all too safe there's no threat and no way to actually catch someone runnng weed unless you're lucky you're at the right town at the exact time they're drying plants... Just get rid of house aging . i feel like it's still the best solution to get people active again or if you're trying to make the house aging things noob friendly make them around the levels of heroin so it is actually intended for noobs
  19. See i never agree with this guy, but i actually agree
  20. just get rid of house aging Weed: make them go to a farm or something where they "grow plants" which could be like a processing type thing where you wait a minute for the plants to grow , then proceed to go to the weed pro to dry them out you can buff the price a little bit because it's more dangerous to run it LSD : Just make it pill at the processing plant and if you want sheets go to purification simple solution and has more use for purification lab Scotch: I feel is the only kind of ok one because you still have to go back to the distillery after it's 15 year old so you risk losing your stuff twice and then still have to try to sell at a wongs
  21. Teddy_


    i was thinking maybe add like a food processing building or something so people would have to go some place maybe by tweaking campfires / the processing building Using a campfire having a chance to burn the item you are trying to cook Where as the processing plant / building whatever has a 0% chance to burn your item making it more worthwhile while also adding some extra risk
  22. Teddy_


    i'd be against because i feel like there's already too many reasons for people to not do anything but sit in their houses
  23. because people are going to stack their houses with them then sell them for insane prices if they get removed
  24. looks more like a fed event then an hq at tnis point
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