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Smoke blur

Smoke Blur  

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Why is it always no blur or full cancer 25 fps blur? Why can’t we all agree on a blur % that makes sense but doesn’t make it easy for people to stand in smoke. In my opinion no blur is alright but I’ve noticed it makes people more scared to drop and fight because they know people will most likely see them first. I’ve been wanting to make a post and I think witz or whoever knows how to adjust dom blur could do it fairly easy. Why don’t we try 25% of the last blur (6ish months ago)? I understand it’s inconvenient changing it because people always change their minds. We can all agree that the last blur was bad and most can agree that no blur is too. 50% of last blur would be too much so somewhere between 15% and 30% I think would be worth trying. Which dev would be a good contact regarding the dom smokes? 

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2 minutes ago, syndrome said:

i feel like smoke blur is needed only because of client side smokes. wouldn't mind seeing fog being implemented in the "smoke blur" so its not just an overwhelming blur effect.

this is true at the moment its rng where the smoke is on your screen compared to the people ur fighting

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Very simple. Add blur ON the canister and barely around the canister, but not anywhere else on it. Make the blur 30% of what it was previously. 

(If it's not possible to add a radius on the canister, then just add the blur that we had months ago but just 30% of it.

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You all are indecisive as fuck lol.

We didn't have smoke blur
-> players: want smoke blur
We implement smoke blur
-> players: it's too blurry less blur
We make it less
-> players: not enough blur
We sit down with cartel players to tune the blur
-> players: Blur is shit now revert
-> also players: people camp in cars, add blur to cars
We add blur to cars because it was requested and revert blur to old
-> players: smoke blur is shit all together, lets remove it
--> everyone: YES
We remove smoke blur
-> players 3 months later: we want smoke blur

Y'all chose to remove smoke blur, and we said it would be the last change for a while so I am sticking to that decision now

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