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  1. competition is banned. who u fighting with that big ole sniffer
  2. Must be new…. He’s leaning against the ifrit. Admins don’t know what that is either tho so 😁
  3. jsh


    Very good player and even better friend ❤️
  4. jsh


    I love it molu ❤️ ccp would be proud
  5. That guy was in Beijing tbh
  6. jsh

    Smoke blur

    Why is it always no blur or full cancer 25 fps blur? Why can’t we all agree on a blur % that makes sense but doesn’t make it easy for people to stand in smoke. In my opinion no blur is alright but I’ve noticed it makes people more scared to drop and fight because they know people will most likely see them first. I’ve been wanting to make a post and I think witz or whoever knows how to adjust dom blur could do it fairly easy. Why don’t we try 25% of the last blur (6ish months ago)? I understand it’s inconvenient changing it because people always change their minds. We can all agree that the last blur was bad and most can agree that no blur is too. 50% of last blur would be too much so somewhere between 15% and 30% I think would be worth trying. Which dev would be a good contact regarding the dom smokes?
  7. steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ratatouilleee/ myasylum: https://my.gaming-asylum.com/profile/search?pid=76561198211922731 yes, we come together ❤️
  8. Wait is there a temp rebel everyone can spawn at for the event or no?
  9. Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey
  10. jsh

    3c and 2c

    Love molu so much!!!!!! Miss you brooooo
  11. Nice krono. Keep droolin on the cap
  12. Hi Mason, Can I please see my oly evidence? I heard you have a lisp and want to let you know that it’s okay! I also have retarded lisp and now crippling depression because of your ban. Have a great chewsday!
  13. Go WALT aka DISCARD omg!!!!!!
  14. change yo pfp please. u aint jsh
  15. Whole lot of primary goin crazy watchin this one mate
  16. jsh

    Default smoke

    More blur, less blur, same blur. The boxes don’t care
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