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  1. Looking for a couple new people.
  2. you said something about it being a one time purchase and it costing a lot of money and if it blows up you have to rebuy it, i thought that was a good idea or atleast a good start. That way cops actually have to hide it better or even defend it, there needs to be more of a risk with it at least. And increasing the price heavily will help.
  3. So you want us to drive around with 150k rocket( takes two rockets btw) to pin point a mobile HQ but you think you should not have to pin point some ones house? i would say spending 300k to blow up a 40k truck is pretty unethical as well.
  4. he has a very fair point here. i cant remember the last time i have done any event and a mobile was not pulled
  5. maybe i can make gang fort on my lunch break
  6. no, your awards have been listed if your gang wins.
  7. What he said below
  8. The way cartels generate money straight to gang funds makes it easier to track.
  9. Cartels now count towards income now
  10. please do, fuck the civs up man
  11. So the money is going to be tracked through your gang bank deposits. So say you do a bank and your gang/group typically splits the money made, first you will need to deposit the money into gang funds then take it out and split it so it is seen in logs.
  12. @Jr4life24 might have to reinstate me as interim again for the month
  13. Community Challenge This is going to be the first community challenge Asylum will receive. We want to try and start giving community challenges at the beginning of every month for you guys to grind for. If your gang comes out on top for the monthly challenges you will receive rewards such as Crate Keys, In-game currency, rare/expensive vehicles that may not even be purchasable in game as well as skins and titles that only the winners of these events will be able to obtain. While we run these events we want you guys to give feed back on things that you all believe would make these events better. This is new, so things will need tweaking and we want the community as a whole to help make it as fun as possible. Event Description The first challenge will be the gang that raises the most gang funds from federal event activities (Evidence Lock Up, Mental Asylum, Federal Reserve, Bank of Altis, Jewelry Emporium, Shipping Robbery) at the end of the month (March 31) wins the event. Money that is put into gang funds will be tracked. The money may only come from federal events, anything else and it will not count towards the challenge. For the duration of this event APD equipment will be reduced by 50% during all federal events. Rewards -10 crate Keys -5 ifrits added to gang garage -5m added to gang funds These rewards will be given to gang leaders to distribute out. The winning gang will need to msg me the player IDs of the people he/she chooses to get the keys. Rules -Only one person from each gang needs to register the gang -Money from anything other then Federal events will be looked over -You must register your gang by (3/9/2023) and on (3/10/2023) money will start being tracked. Registration https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJ2UOIwxJcWCrANk0HLeXFVKsRhBtBrxkzhN8rzYAlX--WoA/viewform
  14. what would you do with people that have 5 houses already?
  15. Zurph

    New mods

    Congrats to the weasel @operatorjohnny^
  16. idc about ranks or status on this server. I would like to see a server that i have played for a while not crash and burn. I cant help that the people that contribute to the server/APD get rewarded for it. But you are a great example on why this server has its problems. ( And this is why i enjoy not being in any senior position) You will sit and bitch and moan on how people should run things but you have never contributed to anything. Why dont you try and help the problems Asylum is having instead of cutting the people down that try fixing them. stop being a pussy because we laughed at you for bragging about being some loser asylum vet, no one gives a fuck you have sat in spawn towns and role played as a redneck for 15 years.
  17. it was so good it was removed because no one fights it
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