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  1. Mitch was fucking terrible lmao, his way or the highway and he is never wrong GL boys. @Rogue cant believe you man, what a disappointment.
  2. Its summer do a gang wars
  3. long time no see, where's big nate?
  4. not me, i left because the game has to many cheaters
  5. probably better dev/staff team. as bad as i hate to say this i have played thousands of hours on both servers. Asylum has always had a shitty staff team, if its not some old men that never think they are wrong its frail children that got bullied their whole lives and now that they have a little power they are abusing it. Fuck rogue but honestly he is probably the best owner asylum has had, unfortunately he was handed a dead horse.
  6. or maybe the game was released in 2013 and people are just tired of it. cheating is just to easy now aswell
  7. why the fuck do you want a chair in your house anyway?
  8. Zurph

    SRT Faction

    More content to get creative with on the server. unfortunately this has been brought up way back and admins/devs or what ever they call them now are to lazy to create it. Also the APD powers trips think they will lose a little power with something like this so they are going to be a hard no and if you can not tell APD gets what they want.
  9. @ImShy get ready for one of these buddy( your doing good but you just need to keep pushing for a little longer and you will for sure get it next time.)Even know you have been playing none stop for the past 2 years, Trust me just leave. If you know a admin that does not like you he is your reason for not getting mod it has nothing to do with you needing to (Work harder) Or ( Grinding out support ) 🤣
  10. You guys got this! If fitz has not some how made it past sgt this is especially for you buddy.
  11. you are still so damn gay
  12. I look forward to the cutscenes at the end more then the fighting, -1 dont remove.
  13. Zurph

    Mass Shed sell

    if teddy does not pay up here in a min i will contact you
  14. Zurph

    Mass Shed sell

    sold Fuck off I know you are not staff now but you will be and i dont care to give a good runs house away to a staff members so it can sit and not be used for the rest of asylum existent. sold
  15. Zurph

    Mass Shed sell

    as long as i get the money idgaf who buys it
  16. Zurph

    Mass Shed sell

    sucks for you then i guess lmao. if you win the bid i will wait for you to log in.
  17. Zurph

    Mass Shed sell

    Private msging me will not get you the sheds lmao, if your bid is not on here by 5PM CST today it will not be counted.
  18. Uninstalling game, highest bid on houses/sheds by Saturday gets them.
  19. smh you would be so shit with out cheats.
  20. was this not brought up like 4 months ago and you guys said it was being created?
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