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  1. It takes like 2-3 shots from anyone who has aim to rip an ifrit, and is almost too op for 1v1 on ground. 50k is ridiculously cheap... 100k is totally affordable.
  2. this is intentional but should match price of a rocket
  3. Bherky

    Weapon Sway

    just ads if its really bad then zoom in while ads, all your problems will be solved
  4. First off to address "Who decided having two things that are pretty much the same was a good idea?", well the same could be said for gang turfs. (also the two gangboat/fort locations alternate every wed-sun, sun-wed. Second, the idea of gangfort moving around to other locations isn't a bad idea, however I feel as if any other location the gangfort/boat would be moved to would either be too far from anything and be either too remote or be an instant respawn to federal events. The gangfort/boat locations are fine as of now, and I don't think that should be the main topic of discussion, rather we should be pushing for the implementation of a new way of capturing the gang boat. The gangboat has been a part of the server for quite some time now and I have not seen anything game breaking, as a comparison the gangboat is similar to having a temporary gang house on arms island which many gangs already have. If you want to control the cartels and have an advantage in doing so then you should focus your efforts toward controlling the gangboat.
  5. Location of gang boat should remain in its original place. The new location would interfere with other gangs heading to rebel as it sits right on the rebel road.
  6. It was only my initial thought, just throwing it out there. I believe regardless it should be something which requires competition. If that competition is on the main server, it could be a nuisance if it's super out of the way gangs to do.
  7. It's difficult to select based on events on the main server, I'm sure some people will figure something out, but my initial thought is to suggest the top 3-5 gangs on monthly domination wins should receive it. Initial should be $50 and $10 monthly at max. However this only appeals to the gangs which fight the most often, and I am aware that this practically eliminates all money runners/city gangs.
  8. Bherky

    Smoke blur

    Very simple. Add blur ON the canister and barely around the canister, but not anywhere else on it. Make the blur 30% of what it was previously. (If it's not possible to add a radius on the canister, then just add the blur that we had months ago but just 30% of it.
  9. Bherky

    UFC 282

    even though I like pimblett those judges are pathetic and totally felt corrupt lol. round one was in no way pimblett
  10. Truly the best gang out there. No competition.
  11. torre clip had me on my ass
  12. Bherky


    mans gotta eat 🤷‍♂️ "retard" doesn't seem very liberal to me but u should ask samp
  13. If you decamp while there is an ifrit coming at you imo that is your fault, have some more situational awareness before you drop. If you know someone is decamped behind an ifrit and you ram it, that is VDM. You are not armor v armor at that point, and you are slamming a vehicle into a person. I've heard a lot of misconceptions or contradicting statements regarding vdm in this situation and I see how it could be frustrating. Previous to the v2 dom era, if there was a spangled body and as long as it was not a direct result of you or your gang mate, it would be perfectly fine to kill them, however it seems now regardless of the situation, if someone is spangled and if they did not spangle themselves, you can not kill them. Another point is that with VDM, the intent of the vdmer is very important and in most cases in big fights there are a lot of different factors and can be situational. My advice from personal experience is if you get a gut feeling that you could get banned for vdm during fights, let them get back up. tldr: Don't shoot spangled people unless they spangle themselves, take the better safe than sorry approach. It's always better to spend 5 min re-gearing than to spend 24 hours or more arguing about what has already happened.
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