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  1. I'm not sure what made you think that this is an issue. Was it a post or comment from a CM or dev? From what I understand you think that Asylum wants to drain people with shit loads of money. Like John said people can grind as much as they want and shouldn't be limited because some people just grind more than others. This server is based on running money, rebel events, and APD. I assume you made this because of the house bills. Which personally I don't think was made to sink people's money, I believe that housing bills were intended to make people think twice about hording a house, not money.
  2. gays can sense other gays go back to making avocado toast bud
  3. and you sound like youre still 15 years old keep repairing tempests bud
  4. Well with that logic since everyone can just buy cheats, why don't we just make it a hvh server?
  5. Your bud slick added these also removing grass for everyone is THE most retarded shit I have ever heard.
  6. Any age discrepancy even if you lied in the past is a blacklist. DOB makes sure that you didn't lie in the past and is more specific. You'd be surprised how many people forget their DOB when you ask them on the spot.
  7. @pan fried I think squanchy would have liked error no unit's combat log guide
  8. You shitters have no chance. We are a 150k hr group.
  9. any harm caused to civilians or APD was fully consensual
  10. looks like you forgot to turn bitrate back up after gw
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