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  2. it makes me feel very sad to see that you live in an alternate reality from the rest of us. mental illness is a real issue in america today and i hope people like you can see this and get the help you need to move forward and join the rest of us functioning human beings in reality instead of living in your own imaginary world with alternate history
  3. This is pretty cringe and fake news. If you're dealing with dupers then RPGs aren't the problem retard. Dupers could just be using suicide vest next. Going to cry and try and get those removed too? I was trying to be nice but it's clear you're just bitch made and wasting everyone's time.
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  5. ok. thanks. I didnt want to be toxic to him as i wasnt sure how they were hard to follow, i thought my drums kinda slapped but ty btw, i forgot to answer your Q from other thread, my DAW is FL 12
  6. bang your right make them evidence locker Sheriff Rick wants to talk about adapting to change yet their gang hasn't successfully won a fight against Asydidas we are far more advanced players and we fight gangs that legit dupe money/gear making RPG's common for us. The RPG thing isn't just cartels they need to be either removed in general or added to a harder to get source. Mainly the cartel situation, I shouldn't have to push cap every time and worry about being hit by an explosion that is on Banana, castle and even vender which are the main pushes and it makes fighting tower caps harder imagine wanting to fight drug cartel or northern wongs but you cant because gangs sit on towers and hit every vehicle armored or not with rpg's
  7. Kavala has mega rich players if you didn't realize that lol. And no, I go around the map and see what's poppin. I actively look for BLS and the menace from the east.
  8. Asylum has seen that las of EgoReaper, hate to see such a good server go to absolute shit

    1. Lucien
    2. Glass of Water
    3. richtor


      You'll be back don't lie to yourself lmao

  9. It's because your only at cartels and kavala ya think some rats in kavala can even afford rpgs
  10. eazy:(

    You know it

    "no n words im streaming"
  11. how the fuck is it hard to follow? It's straight 4/4 time lol But honestly the music behind the drums gets really repetitive. Reminds me of this shit J-Lo song a few years back where there was a saxophone in the background playing the same 4 measure line the whole fucking song and that's all I could hear. Not saying your music is shit because at least you're trying.
  12. Okay, ill play some blackbird by paul mcartney for you
  13. Then I highly disagree even more lol. I have only been RPG'd once outside of a cartel. RPGs are very overblown just like shotguns because people can't adapt to change.
  14. Notice how I never mentioned cartels. It has less to do with cartels and more to do with the combat in general. On numerous occasions I did a bank or a prison with yusheng and watched him blow up 3-4 striders/hunters. I don't like how it removes skill from the gameplay and replaces it with an explosive projectile. The reason I emphasize that is because it's not the same as a suicide vest or a speed bomb. Both of those and grenades as well, have drawbacks. A grenade can only be thrown so far and realistically won't kill them half the time. As well as that, suicide vests and speed bombs cause you to die, wasting a member in the group that could have been an asset to the rest of the group or gang. RPGs have an effective range of at least 300-400m and you can carry multiple in your backpack.
  15. RPGs are already expensive. People need to stop pushing cartels the same way that they always do and being so predictable. That's how you get blown up. People get too fearless with ifrits and orcas and there has to be a counter to that. Bamboo is a gang that uses RPGs and it's even rare for us to use one unless we really feel like spending that kind of money, I've only seen us use RPGs about four times in the months where I started to get back into cartels.. Most RPGs we use are from airdrops anyway. They're rare for anyone to use but it still has people who can't adapt to any change freaking out because they refuse to learn.
  16. I appreciate that they nerfed them in the interest of balancing combat. However I personally think that they are still too easily acquirable. In my opinion the best solution is to make them only obtainable through doing the evidence locker. Making them fairly rare would make people be more cautious in the way that they use them and when they choose to use them. I might be in the minority here, though I still believe Asylums combat was far superior without them being in the game. However I think that the entire combat experience could be far more enjoyable then it currently is if there was that small chance that someone in a group could have an RPG, because as of right now it's borderline a guarantee if you are apart of the end game rebel life.
  17. you should stop noncing on kids!!
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