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  1. Bump. All houses for sale.
  2. Server: 3 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: house House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 150k (3crate) Location (Town/DP#): Abdera Asking Price: Highest offer. Starting price 1m Description: Amazing house for distillery. Ran millions in a matter of hours. Use one for Materials and the other for storing product. Best Set up in the game. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  3. Stay safe man! Much love. You will always be accepted. Let the haters hate man.
  4. Cops need better RP. I give it to many of the higher ups for great RP but so many constables are Robocops and its annoying.
  5. No, let them focus on what we have and making it better. No need to send the talent into making a new project that they will slowly have to piece together like altis.
  6. For the people bitching and moaning, you still come back and play, daily. Thank You Asylum!
  8. Lucky Down!
  9. Sold.
  10. 2 crate. 3 crate
  11. still up for grabs. trying to sell in 24 hours.
  12. 2.3 m
  13. I think Kevin miller deserves the house.