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  1. Ehhhhhhh not too bad but I don’t like bran much wish someone else got King
  2. Gяavlツ


    Civilian and medic have no age requirements (although if medic gets whitelisted an age requirement could always get implemented), but if you want to be a cop you need to be either 17 or 18
  3. Gяavlツ


    Welcome! And yes, money and your inventory (physical and virtual) transfer between servers, as well as cars.
  4. Pretty sure that’s razor wire from rebel
  5. Such a good episode my favorite before was the battle of the bastards but this might top that
  6. Wtf do you carry on cop i have enough space for like 15 redgulls, defib, 6-7 blood bags and 10 painkillers. Just stop by the hospital every once in a while
  7. GPS is under rated we need this talent we also need a talent to spawn with NVGs because my dumb ass forgets to buy those and binos half the time
  8. Why do you always comment shit literally nobody cares
  9. Gяavlツ


    hello welcome to asylum enjoy your stay
  10. That one kid scene with all the body parts scared the shit out of me it was just creepy to begin with then the fucking kid started screeching holy fuck dude
  11. Just land in the prison yard and when you want to leave, hop over the back.
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