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  1. Gяavlツ

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Server 1 can’t even stay up long enough to cap a turf or cartel. Server 3 is doing the best, and that has an 85 player max, so maybe lower the player cap?
  2. Gяavlツ

    Ultimate Suicide Vest Compilation

    Shit you right maybe I should have watched the video before saying something lmao
  3. Gяavlツ

    Ultimate Suicide Vest Compilation

    Nice Montage, no singles
  4. Gяavlツ

    Change Log 8.3.1

    This ^ To nerf maybe just cut the payout in half
  5. Gяavlツ


    Didn’t really play with him, but he did my ride along and seemed like a really cool guy and really fun to play with. We we need you back on the APD Dredd
  6. If you want it, switch to rebel and buy loads of them then switch back. Its useless there is no reason to use it, which is why no one uses it
  7. Gяavlツ

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    Nice one gamer
  8. Gяavlツ

    Minitage 1

    Nah bro I found this song like 2 weeks ago and thought it would be good
  9. Gяavlツ

    father frantic says goodbye

    o7 pal
  10. Gяavlツ

    Minitage 1

    Its shit, but im shit so
  11. Gяavlツ

    Selling EXCLUSIVE "Black Turban"

    I know
  12. Gяavlツ

    Selling EXCLUSIVE "Black Turban"

  13. Gяavlツ

    Selling EXCLUSIVE "Black Turban"

    Legit offers only plz BIDDING STARTS AT 300k
  14. Gяavlツ

    Introducing Barns