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  1. I think the one where they can ONLY be revived by APD is a great idea, it reduces the people trying to get lethaled because they want to get rid of their bounty.
  2. Nice tires
  3. This will be fun at cartels and banks
  4. If you don’t want to die, here are some pro tips! 1. Have a blood bag or a FAK so you don’t die from barely touching a car!
  5. @Witz
  6. All you gotta do is drop like 2 dollars on the go kart DLC and you can buy the helmets
  7. I’m more excited about these hats than I should be.
  8. +1 could bring back gang life
  9. ok
  10. Action Taken. Thank you for the report.
  11. And it was with my off-road