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  1. oh gotcha thanks
  2. APDs NEW SECRET WEAPON i have no idea how to insert pictures into the post directly IMAGE 2
  3. i lethaled pc before he had a chance
  4. youre already getting a ping how so? it just makes more sense that you would get the circle in an area you already are being told he is in. bounty hunting is already hard with CL's, being out gunned, out geared, and only being able to track every 2 or so minutes.
  5. whenever your fugitive pings somewhere the circle should reset to that location. say your in kavala and your bountys circle is in aithra but he pings at kavala atm why would you have to go all the way up to airtha to track him when you know hes in kavala
  6. I blame you
  7. you missed me! mccoy
  8. lol alot more people commented on this then i thought would
  9. Yea I can feel the jealously. Yall probably would have gotten smoked
  10. lol it was probably admins
  11. lol probably
  12. hey first post on here i just thought it was cool! jerk