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  1. Ur still gay
  2. I’ve only been playing for barely over a year but I wish I joined sooner. Seemed to be a lot more fun back in the early days of asylum. This is my one and only with editing help from @UNDERC0VER
  3. There is so many things wrong with this video. What the actual fuck
  4. Look at that dad bod
  5. You do know that your Olympus gangs that were in our gang wars all knocked out on right?
  6. @Penguin_ ready to be active again on r6 if my game doesn’t kill itself like yesterday
  7. #1 driver
  8. Stfu
  9. 2:00
  11. gooooooooood job
  12. I say at least do 10v10
  13. Well you’re also pretty gay. That might be the reason
  14. I believe if you have a 10k bounty on bh your bullets turn lethal
  15. join ts @Erron White