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  1. Reporting for duty
  2. Can’t do much when my frames die from pc overheating. It’s like a slide show in this bitch
  3. So I did hit you @Buck. I just shot the other guy out. Good to know
  4. No more like the people who don’t know how to do that bullshit and just come to fight. Not afraid to pull ifrits and WANTS to fight.
  5. It’s time for a new era of cartel fighters.
  6. Not fat and not Mexican and never said I was good at any game. Nice try though
  7. oh no...
  8. Yes
  9. fucking weirdo
  10. o7 sniper elite
  11. I don't feel like anyone here is really gonna sit here and watch these hour+ long videos, but you should link your streams so people can watch them as they please in the streamers section.
  12. 3:00. I knew something was going on in that Kavala channel. My Alec senses were tingling. Always a good laugh
  13. 200 iq plays. Nice job
  14. Hitfilm express Simple to use and has decent editing options