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  1. Thank you for what you have done to help Mitch. Will miss you @Mitch (IFRIT)
  2. Your privileges are revoked
  3. Always here if you need me brother. Good luck <3
  4. Good job tommy
  5. Good job buddy.
  6. I updated my teamspeak version 3.2.0 and I found out it is not compatible with old teamspeak versions and you will not be able to join any servers that are running before the update. If you have already downloaded the update here is a link that will let you choose which version to revert back to. The latest version before 3.2.0 will be 3.1.10
  7. Looks like your graphics had a stroke
  8. Mitch. Happy wife happy life brother
  9. wat
  10. I honestly don’t remember what you were playing but I know it was a song
  11. I had to play something while server was killing itself.
  12. Good job fudgebabe. Will miss you
  13. Don’t worry young Dallas. We shall get you to number 10 good job buddy
  14. It’s not pubg. It’s fortnite