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  1. Btw they didn’t get away. After they parachuted out we landed and dispersed to find them and they all got processed. Considering we were all busy at a hq attack before this they got away cause we came at the last minute of them finishing the bank. Was all food fun though nice guys to talk to and amazing when it comes to rp
  2. Fucking rude Dallas
  3. @Reapered
  4. What game
  5. Most people use shadow play or plays tv to record simple clips if anything like that happens There’s a lot to do on this server that will help you get to know new people, as well as making you money and making it easier.
  6. @Cory B
  7. I love you OSB
  8. Get to know some people and get a group growing. It’s always more dangerous to go alone. People will always be out trying to rob someone so having people by your side is always a good option.
  9. @Clint Beastwood
  10. He’s just hungry for attention. Let him have it
  11. This doesn’t sound like anyone in our gang that I know of
  12. I thought I showed you the one I bought no complaints and it’s cheap for what it comes with They no longer sell it but I found it on Newegg but it was cheaper on amazon @Sugarfoot
  13. Brain dead
  14. You’ve obviously never met me. Everyone in our gang knows what I look like. Everyone that’s talked to me and been friendly with me knows what I look like and do. I’ve been out more than you have this week than with your whole life fat bitch. I’m literally leaving tomorrow to drive down to another town to do shit. Get on with your life and stop being a deadbeat keyboard warrior you whole life. Die of your incoming diabetes