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  1. Erron "exploit" White
  2. X fucking D
  3. Nice bb. Better choices of clips.
  4. Good shit my dude. Rip other montage song.
  5. Don't you still play Roblox?
  6. When Theo gets montaged 3 times
  7. I have 1 SGT uniform 1 Cadet uniform 1 Flashbang 1 Black Spar-16 2 9mm Suppressors
  8. "You have to cap the aircraft carrier and the other points before you move on"
  9. 250k for one of the 70k
  10. oh well then I'll start at 150k
  11. The s2 70ks which one is the 150k starting
  12. Which 70k is which
  13. I fucking missed out cause I was at work. Shit seemed lit
  14. Go fight someone face to face without having to rely on people shooting them in the back for you. Talk to me when you can actually fight.
  15. Stream sniping Do not use another players stream to find out where they are or what they are doing without the specific streamers permission.