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  1. So basically wait an hour after restart to do a fed?
  2. This is why we need downvotes
  3. Hey my location was Texas first. Welcome tho.
  4. Welp let’s round up the troops @Fudger @Steve we might have some fights now considering cops barely come to the banks/feds/prisons that we do unless they have an admin telling them to go
  5. Tell them to stop throttling you
  6. o7 later bud ily still
  7. “Don’t tell anyone”
  8. Another one bites the dust Luv u bro <3
  9. I expected to be mentioned better than that you monkey. Love you bud we will play again soon. <3
  10. @Sugarfoot
  11. Stop duping
  12. This is like @Cory B yelling but on steroids.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving bud
  14. I’d go back into my recordings and find you begging to let you in but you’re not worth my time.