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  1. Nice
  2. Nah b I don't do that
  3. I finally broke down and got a Rust dedicated server, so if you guys want to join just search "Swade" in the server browser and it should pop right up. It is bi-weekly wipes and not modded. Here is the the discord if anyone wants to stop by: https://discord.gg/c6ruxah
  4. I need to verify this, someone send me an orca
  5. Don't laugh but what's an Entitiy Suit?
  6. Follow my meme page for dankness https://www.instagram.com/quantum.nigglets/
  7. Sad to see you go, I remember us two in the TeamSpeak waiting to get interviewed.
  8. Good game
  9. Running oil on Stratis was also much quicker than on Altis, even after they moved processing.
  10. Turn server 4 into a Stratis server and there we go
  11. Nobody plays video games that early, everyone is on the forums at that time
  12. The admins realized that Bitcoin is over $16,000 and they took the server offline and are using it to mine
  13. Wait what if Ajit Pai shutdown server 2
  14. I love making spreadsheets, and I would keep it up to date, but I just don’t know all the new numbers if they changed anything since I made it
  15. I’ve been praying for months