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  1. I can see how you would think that, but nobody else in my house has any knowledge on computers. Actually, when I got everything setup, my parents and brother said “now the internet will be super fast!” I tried to explain that the ISP is the one that does that, and this won’t make much of a difference at all. I’ve been saving up a lot for all of these, but you can find it pretty cheap on eBay/local electronic stores. It’s all mine, I’m the only one that works on it!
  2. Hey fellas, I don't know if anyone cares about this, but if so, keep reading. This 7 foot tall server rack has been sitting empty in my basement for the last couple months, but I finally got some stuff to get it going. You may be asking what you're looking at, so let me explain. Starting at the top of the rack, the top left (white) patch cables are for the servers in the rack, the top right is for the remote management interface for all the servers, the bottom left (blue) is for our living room ethernet runs, and the bottom right is for my bedroom. Next we have the modem and a currently unused Raspberry Pi, and then the fun begins. We have two empty sets of rails for 2 more severs I am currently awaiting, then 2 Dell Poweredge r410s, and lastly a Poweredge r510. The two r410s are both running the XCP-NG Hypervisor in High Availability, so I can move virtual machines between those two servers (even if they are running!) with a click of my mouse. Some of the VMs I'm running include Plex, pfSense, a Rust server, and a lot more to come when I get the 2 more servers. The r510 at the bottom is running FreeNAS, with a total of 60TBs of storage, which is connected to my switch via a 10 gigabit DAC cable. There is also a fiber run to my gaming PC upstairs, mostly so I can have my Steam games stored on the server rather than locally. Posting this may have been pointless, but it is something that I very much enjoy doing, and I'm sure there are at least a few more people out there that enjoy it too. It is pretty crazy for me to have access to all this stuff, especially for being an 18 year old high school student. I plan to study computer science in college to get an even more in-depth knowledge on all this stuff, so if any staff member from Asylum is reading this, give me a call in 4 years (or now)!
  3. (Maybe the admins should pin it in the guides section, *cough cough*)
  4. Let us put it on the drug runner missions, I’ll get it delievered in -3 minutes
  5. That was about to be so good
  6. He could use his backpack as collateral
  7. Just go to the bank of altis and take out a loan
  8. So you're saying I should hide in a cartel with 96 lockpicks if I want to steal an ifrit?
  9. I'll take another 100. I want the checkered ones like they have in-game
  10. Oh, so that means I’m free to do meth runs lol
  11. If something gets implemented, all we have to do is have someone rob the fed to distract the cops then we can make all the money. I like
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