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  1. All you have to do is sling load the barrel with a heli
  2. Happy day-that-gets-us-off-of-work-and-school-to-let-us-play-video-games!
  3. Life is strange
  4. The cartel tax has now been factored in
  5. I will update the guide
  6. I would actually love that! I use the wiki almost daily
  7. I will add all of this in, I just don't have the cartel information right now!
  8. Here is multiple spreadsheets showing how many drugs you can run in a given vehicle. Remember, the sale price of drugs fluctuate and they may be a little off. This guide assumes you have a carryall backpack with 96 free spaces! LINK TO SPREADSHEET (Remember it is a work in progress) Also admins can you please change my title to "Spreadsheet Master"?
  9. I think I found a winner
  10. Keep server 1 and 2, then make server 3 Stratis Life then remove server 4.
  11. Oh that one is easy, just remove server 2-4 and make everyone play on one server
  12. Simply use a trackpad instead of a mouse
  13. Hello people, I'm on Thanksgiving break and I LOVE making spreadsheets. With that being said, what guide does anyone want to see posted on the forums? It can be anything from drugs to real estate. I'm kind of out of ideas because people always steal my concept when I'm in the process of making one
  14. Yeah I’m just in algebra 2 so uhhh
  15. I clicked on this thread and I got all excited, then I saw it was posted in the "Discussion" section...