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    When I'm not crashing my helicopters and losing money, I'm not playing Altis Life. lol get it?
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  1. I have a new idea that I think would benefit some players on the Asylum: Video Change Logs. Some of you Rust players may have seen how SHADOWFRAX does this with his YouTube videos. I'm proposing the idea that a group of people do sort of the same thing for Altis Life, and then post the video when the patch goes live. If the developers would not want to give early access to the patch, the group could also produce the video overnight, which I have had to do many times in the past. Let me hear your feedback, and if you would enjoy watching a video in addition to reading the change log.
  2. This is now the snapchat geofilter thread
  3. Wow I didn't think people would actually give compliments... Is this the Asylum forums?
  4. If anyone ever goes to Columbus Ohio, make sure you use it and say "Hey, I know the guy that made this."
  5. I call RDM
  6. wtf why are you taking wongs from us
  7. Wait this isn't my president
  8. Still lurking around to get my title changed
  9. That is the greatest drawing I have seen
  10. This is great
  11. See I knew I would get it
  12. In the country of Greece?
  13. On the island of Altis?
  14. What server?
  15. You have a point there