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  1. Just thought of another POG idea, how about this. Make it so it costs 5-10k to fast travel to the town you want, and have that money go towards all the APD officers online.
  2. Since everyone is complaining about storing gear lets just add a redeploy option just like the medics have, but make it cost money to travel? Let me get an uber from prison
  3. No weren't not playing in 2016 anymore. Give drop box or gay.
  4. imo there should be a way to store gear at the prison or a fast teleport when your out of jail because most of the time people just suicide and spawn to a town, and they lose their armor. If you added this it would be a nice qol feature, I wouldn't mind doing trips to the prison to go collect my armor sets. Oh and I don't mean store gear at anytime, just when you get out of prison so people can abuse it to do prison raids etc
  5. Nope, just trying to help the server with some ideas lol.
  6. When you get restrained there should be a timer that countdowns 10 minutes so people can see when they can alt f4. This will be good new players so they don’t combat log
  7. Imma just leave this here Always thought of this when the APD captains were doing whatever they wanted. Good change mitch
  8. asylum has been dry, he needs some entertainment by starting drama for no reason, I see you rando i'm glad I stopped playing this server seriously and moved on to nba 2k. #niggauweirdforthisone.
  9. Last time i checked debit cards were free for everyone?
  10. True it should only open up the doors, storage should be a seperate thing. It would still be nice to use unlock/lock all doors without it unlocking the inventory. I agree.
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