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  1. approximately 3000 civilians killed lmao. This shit is gold.
  2. +1 would be nice to do something with unused houses, also adds some rp to the server with landlords and tenants.
  3. I had @Mitch (IFRIT) change your name cause I don't like people pretending to be me. I know my rap is good, but theres ways of doing things calle.
  4. @calle alt Its kinda funny you got my steam information in their buddy yikes
  5. Krauta salty go figure lol. To be honest I could care less if yall fuck with my rap or not lmao. I mean @Calle. jacked the song, posted it on the forums, and even made a fake Don Julio account on the forums and youtube and krauta loved it when he posted it lmao yikes so I guess that means something? Still waiting for the farmersville diss track. Oh wait yall cant rap lol. Inb4 "Don julio cant rap" https://streamable.com/xbwmah omegalul
  6. I got bored, and decided too spit a diss track on the server let me know what you guys think. This is the full version, not the one my fanboy uploaded without my permission. If this post gets enough love Ill make a music video & a second track lmao. download link is on soundcloud -
  7. In-game name: Don Julio Age: 24 Hours in Arma 3: 1111 Wealth[Money]: $3,575,570 Previous Gangs: Opposition Why we should accept you: I want to join the boys in kavala, and help you guys fight & keep control. I play this game too much & making money has been boring lately. I am experienced in PVP, and I am looking for some other players with the same skills. I am down for anything, and willing to learn anything. I feel like I could make an good addition to the squad. Member who can vouch for you :
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