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  1. Nah fam this ain't no weenie hut juniors, real niggas double click and drop. I agree this is unacceptable, revert go back to original diamonds on god on god.
  2. Buddy sounded triggered as fuck over a twin turbo lmao.
  3. Still playing arma? Its 2021 my boy. @TapirTotI enjoyed the video it was some nice content to watch. Ignore parapoop hes just a little negative boy.
  4. Because the only people playing on the server are grinding money uncontested lol.
  5. Don Julio


    Someone tell me why billy looks like gnashes.
  6. Wipe everyones cash & let them start with 250k. Also wipe 4 of their houses, and only let them keep one. This way people can keep the one house they really want, also toss them 250k so they can buy another house on the server. The reason for the 250k is so everyone has a chance to buy a house beginners & advanced players. Dont want to reset money? Let people use their in-game money to buy rewards on the server, and etc. 1 million = 5 loot boxes or something like that. 10 million 3 months vip or something worth it.
  7. +3 points on his record for that cop. Big FailRP
  8. Lets turn that 999rep into 1000rep
  9. I dont know what your talking about, but @Blunt had a fire montage I dont know what your talking about, but @OG Blunthad a fire montage
  10. +1 I can vouch for this player. He is a very talented individual.
  11. Don Julio

    Weed Pro 3c

    Everyone is selling their weed houses it seems. Is running wax not worth it now or what?
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