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  1. APD higher ups are not admins, and have no enforcement power to set any limitations or rules on a convoy event. It’s likely that the vast majority of convoys would be ruined by VDM, destroyed by desync or just generally be a disaster without an admin present. The convoy idea is already possible. Spawn the vehicles in, go to C4 news and make an announcement and watch the crowd assemble. Also if you make the penalty for mistakes the same severity as an LT house inventory raid they will become just as rare as them. I wouldn’t do an event if even a slight mishap on my part would get me removed from the whole APD.
  2. Michael L

    Night time

    Don't mind nighttime, I just hate that period of transition between day/night where it's too bright for NVGs and too dark for no NVGs. Bohemia are a disgrace for that alone.
  3. We used to have rain and fog a very long time ago (it synced from the real greek island apparently?) and they were horrible. Also caused major FPS issues.
  4. Arma reforger? More like arma refunded. Rather play farming simulator 2017
  5. XBOX gamers on asylum incoming
  6. Taking dom down should definetely be a priority. Server pop was 20 on Sunday dom yesterday. If the pop gets any lower plague might actually have a chance of fairly winning one on their own, 10 deep, and this cannot be allowed to happen.
  7. Michael L


    Wow we are really scraping the barrel of suggestions now, bloody hell
  8. Couple days ago the world lost one of the OGs and a friend for many years. Rest in peace to our Mexican league champ @itzneoo thank-you for everything. Anyone who was SF or FSK, or knew Neo, and wants to hop back in discord let me know we’ll get you an invite
  9. Michael L


    Missing you so bad Panda >:((((((
  10. This, to me, reads like the best solution to stop the hoarding of money from domination (though I still feel like it's shutting the gate after the horse has already bolted), some sort of mechanism where blood money is the currency of domination and its usefulness is almost entirely removed on S1. Perhaps a "laundromat" on the main server where blood money and asylum money can be converted. Regular money -> blood money at almost no cost, and blood money -> regular money at a heavy tax (say 30%). It could also be done on the domination server to prevent people having to hop on S1 5 minutes before dom because they're broke, so you won't enrage that playergroup. At the end of the domination, each player gets paid out in blood money only. A more extreme solution, if you're really seeking one, could be to cap the amount of profit someone can make relative to their buy-in, and any excess to the cap would go back to the pot? No idea how that would work, but it'd stop people logging into the winning team for 30 minutes, AFKing on spawn island and then leaving at the end with ~1.4 mil profit I guess On making dom more rare, +1 on shutting down weekday dom since they are generally poorly attended nowadays anyway.
  11. Region lock is not happening, the Chinas donate a lot and are already region locked from other servers so they come here = more income for asylum. Would be a stupid business decision to kick them out, unless everyone calling for a region lock is willing to cover the loss?
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