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  1. Log on the great gaming asylum arma 3 roleplay for a 2 hour gaming experience of sitting in a box clicking scroll wheel options, wow, I am sure this will return asylum to 4 full servers immediately once again
  2. Gang fort is cringe, time to delete. Or just ditch the player # and let it be a cringe free for all. Almost every time someone actually fights it you get sweaty freaks crying that they lost their roleplay rebel outpost on the 9 year old game because somebody was 0.000000000000000000000001 meters closer than they should have been at X time or Jack's father's cousin's pet tortoise was at sofia rebel for more than 15 seconds so that means he was camping. Good idea, but the community is too autistic to make it work , scrap the cap gay shit and give gang fort as a domination victory reward
  3. Excellent work Junkerton, unfortunately not as good as my favourite player ryanL sadly
  4. Kingofcanada on suicide watch after finally getting his make-a-wish promotion from the mentally questionable APD roleplay police captains only to get banned from his full-time gig the day before he gets the mobile HQ so he never has to stand up out his chair again siuuuuuuuuu. Ferrets are gay anyway
  5. o7 to the King of Scotch
  6. What I am just struggling to understand is surely a few weeks after a wipe the server will just be back to the state it was in prior to the wipe, albeit with lower numbers? I cannot understand how the server could be wiped effectively without significant changes to the server, money in general and the like so that it's actually different. If domination continues to make money out of thin air and passive income continues to exist we are surely just doing the same thing again? The only thing I do see a wipe fixing is the prime real estate hoarding problems that I know people in the meeting talked about alot, but is that not easily fixable by some of the hour requirement/inactive property tax suggestions being implemented or just refunding the people and taking the sheds being held by hoarders for 1+ year who barely play 1 hour a month on the server? tl'dr: I don't think a wipe is gonna have any significant impact at all apart from lower playercount even more, unless it comes with significant update or set of updates that entices people to come back and start again. Also unbanning cheaters comes across as really desperate, but that's a whole other argument
  7. This sounds like it would be a cool thing to add for civs and allow for putting it on air vehicles and such. But for cops? No thank you. Nothing screams roleplay faction more than turning someone's engine off at 300kph while they are getting away in my book
  8. Michael L

    Cop prices

    Wow, a cop suggestion so retarded even suggestion forums patroller-in-chief @Defragments is shutting it down. What is this, an out of body experience?
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