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  1. Michael L


    we want stratis
  2. -1 only good for rockets and vests. Too toxic.
  3. @Crossfade no need to make alt accounts
  4. Here before that gets deleted
  5. Clearly you don’t understand that being a higher up should make you more responsible to the rules, not less. Don’t know how you’re a sergeant with a comprehension like that
  6. Right. But if a constable did it they'd be blacklisted within the hour.
  7. Chop it and use the money to buy a new one and you save more /-/
  8. Michael L

    New dlc

    bohemia releasing paid shit instead of fixing their base game? they'd never.
  9. Somehow don't think Paratus and Gnashes are in a hurry to come play here.
  10. Michael L

    Peace Out

    he had 25+ mil and it was his infamy that was "exploited" (note: not money)
  11. Still accepting great gamers to join us on ArmA 3's most active and engaging altis life server.
  12. Someone set the precedent that ramming an empty heli isn't VDM. Pretty sure it's the literal definition of using your vehicle as an offensive weapon. If you park it like a mong then expect it to get rammed, but if it's round the side of the island / behind the bank then, yeah, pretty stupid they're allowed to do that.
  13. Talents Some new talents that do anything really would be great, because right now rebels have a set of 29 talents they learn, bounty hunters have 29 talents and it's pretty much common knowledge what talents you need to get maximal gain. Maybe more talents that provide discounts/vehicle skins. When the server is at tier 3, having 35 talents, I generally end up with a bunch of spare ones. Infamy Excess infamy - Adding a new infamy tree would be beneficial, since the current 2 are kinda generic and don't really add anything to gameplay, they're just bonuses. A good idea I saw is here An infamy talent allowing rebels to gear up (in a similar way to how cops can) would be a good idea for a new addition. Maybe add things like Armour stacking, vests/speed bombs as infamy things (or to honor for bounty hunters) - since right now they use up civilian talent points and they're more of a rebel-centered thing. Infamy needs to be buffed - it takes a long time to gain and the only efficient way of gaining it is running meth, selling gold bars or chopping vehicles. Even then, the amount you gain is relatively small in comparison to the speed you can advance through the honor talents in bounty hunter. Maybe add an infamy bonus for killing cops (or even killing in general) and some other ways to gain. Infamy for crafting at black market if this isn't already a thing An infamy talent that allows you to evade governor taxes might also be a good idea??
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