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  1. atleast allow comp requests for those of us that got baited by the hype
  2. the only solution I can think of is some way for asylum to negate the advantage of the driver being the only one dropping with his gun out, which is part of why it exists. why stack 4 in one ifrit when 3 of them have to wait to start shooting and drop from both sides leaving them exposed when you can have 4 in 4 ifrits and they can all drop and shoot immediately? also, could making blood money part of the ifrit cost be another solution, so they don't disappear entirely (70K + 15K blood money)??
  3. Big time server lag since the update?
  4. Now you know how it feels when you lot charge up a tower with 400 ping bastard
  5. denied due to lying on application (team kills don't count)
  6. Michael L


    we want stratis
  7. Clearly you don’t understand that being a higher up should make you more responsible to the rules, not less. Don’t know how you’re a sergeant with a comprehension like that
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