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  1. Awesome, I marched for BD B I had an amazing time totally worth it if your okay with the work.
  2. low-key, what is a RP? What is this mythic word of legend.
  3. Who do you march for.
  4. Someone who is in a gang in which everyone on there roster is better then you.
  5. Intel I7 7700k clocked up to 4.8 AsuS GTX 1070 8gb Dual AsuS Asrock 270ar ( i think ) 32gb 16x2 2133 MhZ RAM H100i v2 cooler Samsung 500gb SSD 2tb WD 6600 rpm ( i think )
  6. I get 70 fps on 4k tho
  7. I get freaked out when i sit though the glass reflects and I think something is next to me
  8. But its only like 150k for it.
  9. Uranium to make bombs
  10. I reused my headset and im kind of bugged about that little hanging wire though
  11. But one spray will fuck everyone on it.
  12. 1.5mil
  13. I cant use garages or any shops. I can access the atms and stores just nothing shows up. Stores are empty, and markets are empty. I cant pull cash or deposit. I can see physical items in shops but cant buy.
  14. When I play asylum I cant use any of asylum's menu's. I can use built in arma menu's like I inventoy but I cant buy weapons or use shops, atms ETC, phone too