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  1. picture is from @ClydeBarrow he can confirm I own the home.
  2. S3 house for scotch, about 2km from distill. around 100-200m to the left of phosphorous mine in athira. I want like 750k
  3. Screenshots please? and price
  4. I want a 3+ crater or a shed close to meth or centered between ingreds. Throw offers
  5. Reaper is gonna give him the b i g smoke
  6. ill take the 150k for half of gang bank
  7. Uhm, I mean that its more profitable, time wise for me to run coke. I generally hold drug cartel all the time and coke would be better to do if you sell it at 300. idk what to tell you
  8. y i k e s thats not worth it at all, coke sells for like what 500 processed? I could just run that and it would be better profit for my time
  9. I’ll buy some for a reasonable price, 140 a piece and I’ll take like 400?
  10. That was a question. He was making it seem like they didn’t
  11. I have requested trial by combat over 10 times and never got granted it For a support team member, you couldn’t come up with a better argument? Going to jail is inevitable. Any bored senior apd with some partners on will go after any good bounty in full force. Good luck not getting caught forever.
  12. Being done in 15 let’s you not sit in jail away from playing the game. Parole is so stupid most people break it. Bail is pretty dumb too anyone with a high ticket won’t pay it. Trials are scuffed because they don’t work half the time and the other half is just Kavala Rats trying to buy another rook with Jury money
  13. I don’t understand the reason about the economy. Cops don’t get a bounty collection at all? Making it meaningless for tickets either way. This isn’t a heavy RP server. The most of it you’ve probably ever gotten was hands up or die.
  14. I know im not the only one, that thinks that when you get sent to jail for almost an hour for a 40k bounty is complete shit. When you get sent to jail for an extended period of time it makes you dread going to jail and usually causes people to just flat out not play for the rest of the day. About one week ago the jail times and bail was completely bugged out. Jail times max was 5 minutes for any bounty and 1500 dollar bounty. The system in which your jail time lets you watch nearly a small movie is completely ridiculous. No one wants to sit in jail for an hour because they racked up a decent bounty. Jail times that do not exceed 15 minutes would allow those who fight cartels and police to get back out there and start having fun again. The less time you can have fun in this game, the faster the community dies. Asylum is near death and allowing these shorter jail times would bring back gang life in a small way when you recover from a stupid police cartel raid or DarkKnights shit precinct rules on NLR and Evading Arrest.
  15. In no form did anyone say you can’t voice your opinion. Now before I overstep myself and get forum banned for saying rude things to a lady like I did on Olympus, I was just saying you had a over compensating response that made you seem like an “ass” when he even pointed out the fact is was a joke. Now if you feel you aren’t being allowed to voice your opinion, that sounds like a personal problem.