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  1. everyone ready to be disappointed again?
  2. ds stands for dog shit, not surprised
  3. headshots, or leg meta still kinda works...
  4. lol, I have people harassing me on teamspeak saying it's so out of line for me to wanna see the actual clip and that I claim to be some "expert about pulldowns". I say the clip is fishy because you put a big black box in the middle of the screen where your aimer is, if you don't see how that could be considered "fishy" or odd then you are ignorant. I don't really care to see the actual clip, don't really give 2 shits about the pvp on asylum anyways considering it's trash. Anyone to continue to harass me is just pathetic but you are welcome to do it!
  5. your excuse makes no sense, im just pointing that out you are right, I have never researched or tried to use pulldowns. Thanks for the compliment? Im pointing out the fact that he covered his entire scope is fishy and his reason is pretty retarded.
  6. lets see the clip without the black box. we can see how many shots you fired roughly, who cares.. Looks fishy that you would cover your entire scope with a black box
  7. Ill start the bidding I guess xD 450k
  8. My name is Ryan and I like rice too... something is suspicious here
  9. This is pretty dope, i'm glad there is actually an update finally. Now ill start playing again
  10. pretty sure logging out and re logging in resets it also.. this has been an issue for months that they just don't seem to care to fix.
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