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  1. toodles
  2. kinda like George
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  4. Same lol
  5. darth hidious
  6. Tanoa and Altis. Long range v. Short range tactics. Why people didn't like tanoa was for a number of reasons, all falling under the same banner that it was too different. You have jungle foliage that makes you triple check every corner you pass, you have turfs, and cartels that are not easy to pull long range security on because of the obstacles, this pushes for different tactics. Your standard issue Altis player has less grounds to cover, you have an open field with an assortment of rocks, or a big castle/hotel with some trees. Mongols did one thing right, and at that, they did so very rarely. They approached cartels through the jungle, in specific formations, where ones arc of vision/fire overpasses the next. When this happened, they had flawless victories. People here don't take the time to take a break and play some actual tactical servers, I swear to you now they would and will do you a hefty benefit to your skills on situational awareness and combat adaptation. Tanoa brought an entire new life to combat, one in which I miss very much. Sure, one tactic commonly employed was to sit, hide in the jungle, turn your volume up to max and wait for it. But when you don't enter a combat zone like total scattered jungle squirrels, and one of yours can and does go down, the surrounding two already know in which direction to focus fire on. Too many players have the thought of forum glory in their heads and go in alone, they get spanked, then flamed in side for being so poorly driven when it came down to the fight. Then the salt begins, because when one gets slaughtered because he or she decided to be the MVP and go in alone, one tends to get embarrassed over their mistake, rather than capitalizing on it, they fire back making themselves look like bigger idiots than they should have allowed.
  7. This topic is closed because SafeMode says so.
  8. These comments are cringe. People really need to step back and take a big look at their life and realize this is only ever a video game, and it will be nothing more. Quit taking this shit so seriously. To criticize somebody on something they put effort in to making, well, It doesn't look like you have anything better to do. Sick tage my dude.
  9. this post is irrelevant because irrelevant
  10. pics or it didn't happen.