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  1. Yeah Arma changes colors on vehicles due to their material so you'd have a really hard time translating colors from vehicles as they're all really different. Personally I'd experiment more for something a bit more Orange then what you have. Also helps to take about 4-6 pictures with varying angles and distance. One more thing to note would be that this will probably look bad post compression if you're close to it due to the way Arma has the Orca and the variation in patterns in colors, I'd suggest something a bit simpler but it looks good where its going.
  2. Hello sir, due to your unlawful upload I have copystriked your video.
  3. When did my boys start role-playing instead of pushing church 24/7?
  4. nigga how are you copper 4, being that awful actually takes commitment
  5. You didn't make Bunni you made a dogshit application. Denied never apply again.
  6. Yeah i'd like the 20 seconds of my life I wasted watching this autism back
  7. Didn't even have to watch it to leave a like, this man is an Arma GOD!
  8. Somehow still better than Massi's first. Jesus Christ.
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