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  1. In-game name: Napp Timezone: EST Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot required): Previous Gangs: Onyx, The Crusaders, WDTA, Abyss Anyone in the gang can vouch for you: Haven't been active in awhile but recently got back into it so nobody can vouch rn.
  2. IGN: Napp Hours on Arma: 800 Money (ScreenShot): https://gyazo.com/b9ba4a442c5fe82144ffec2bae71fa8a Have you ever been banned before?: Yes for CL but got revoked bc my PC was trash and crashed a lot. I no longer have those issues. Why do you want to join? Friend told me you guys would be a good gang to join and I want a gang that's not scared to fight cartel
  3. Napp


    thank you
  4. Napp


    ya if only my insomnia would allow that.
  5. Napp


    Reinstalled to see what's up. Quarantine got me bored. PUBG and Fortnite just don't hit like it used too. Gonna try this again.
  6. I've hopped in and out of the TS/Discord a few times. I haven't played in awhile but I still keep in contact with some officers.
  7. For sure man! I'd love to keep my APD role and get back into being a APD officer
  8. Nice to hear! I'm excited to get back into things.
  9. Been gone for 2+ years. Downloading the game for the 1st time since then. This sever still lit?
  10. Any servers that are good to practice flying?I got told that King of the Hill is good but would rather just have a server that is dedicated for flying and learning the mechanics.
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