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  1. I've hopped in and out of the TS/Discord a few times. I haven't played in awhile but I still keep in contact with some officers.
  2. For sure man! I'd love to keep my APD role and get back into being a APD officer
  3. Nice to hear! I'm excited to get back into things.
  4. Been gone for 2+ years. Downloading the game for the 1st time since then. This sever still lit?
  5. The American Mafia Requirements: 500+ Hours Must Have Knowledge on Cartels Must have 500K in Bank Must Follow The Asylum Server Rules Must know what tac comms means and have a mic (Discord) Application: In-Game Name: Age: TimeZone: Have a Mic and Discord? Money in Bank? Previous Gangs? How many Hours in Arma and Asylum? Cam anyone Vouch for you and if so Tag them:
  6. Napp

    I am back

    I am back. Hello.
  7. Understandable. But I have a distinctive voice and everyone knows my voice and laugh. I thought you knew even tho I was denying it. Lmao
  8. Now I know you just like to hate. I've only done it once. You weren't even on. Proof your mad. Stay that way <3
  9. Did you see what I said? or you ignoring the fact that I said at first I didn't hide it? You were the first person to say something. Use your brain man.
  10. Those are giveaways and I did use to use that account for both but made it convenient where I talk about games on one and only music on the other. I dont even use the music twitter anymore. Hence why all of my "recent" tweet have not gotten any action. A year ago I was peaking at 300+ likes and 50+ RT's. But I never use it anymore. See man. I'm trying to be nice I'm trying to be cool. Its honestly just a misunderstanding that people have about everything. Which makes sense and I would think the same thing. My name will be Napp perma. I won't change it because it has personal meaning. I just used different names so I could create different characters thats honestly it. Not to hide shit. People asked me in game all the time if I was Colin and I would say yes. at first I said no to a few people but I didn't care after a day or so. I changed my name to Trippie Redd that one time to create 1400. Thats it. It was for RP and just to have fun. I'm not changing my name to hide who I really am. But napp will forever stay and won't change, I will be RiceGum here and there during cop cause people seem to like it but other than that Napp will stay. Bottom line is I'm trying to have fun and enjoy myself. I was just learning the game when @Alec-I made that Grotty Gang. I was a freshie and just wanted to make a gang to make money and being a leader with barely any knowledge was probably stupid. But I just wanted to make money. I honestly learned a lot being a new player and making my own gang. Surprisingly it helped me. Obviously I am not that retarded in my real life. When I play games its all about having fun and dicking around. I act retarded for peoples enjoyment. But obviously with that people think you're being serious but its for me to have fun and maybe make people laugh. Maybe I'm going the wrong way about it. I'm sorry if I annoy you or anything like that. I don't like getting hate.. No one does. I'm just trying to have fun and enjoy life.
  11. Not on the roster yet because I have not signed the contract. I sign it in a week or 2. Oh and to explain the other Twitch accounts and the Twitter accounts. MistTheGamer I didn't like my name then. and at that time you couldn't just change your name. and then I made GodMistTV which is now NappSupreme. Napp is my nickname in real life and always has been. So I wanted to change it to something personal and not something random. Now for the Twitter accounts. Surprisingly its easier to understand than you think. 1 is for music and 1 is for gaming. Pretty simple tbh
  12. Not a close friend. He has been a viewer/sub/donator for 2 years so.
  13. This is from today's stream. Enjoy.
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