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  1. No admin is gonna ban him for that, y'all are some damn snowflakes.
  2. -1
  3. 1.2m
  4. +1 don't remove the closer of the two current black markets for this tho.
  5. % are too high for the discount. The reward stuff is okay. But combat medic is not logical nor is anything in the medic tree .
  6. Looks like a teenager went crazy with plasti dip.
  7. just wait till tomorrow when I get all 25 of my likes back
  8. with donors being able to like a shitload of posts now can we get like a 3-4 like per five min cap. I just used 25 in one min, i can see how this could be abused. @bamf
  9. so this is why you were asking about the gambling stuff.
  10. Come back, the APD needs you
  11. never mind someone beat me to it X2
  12. lel, ill fix it