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  1. Guide book is still controlled by the high ranking APD officials . Our job is simply to make guides and various other useful things to help improve the wiki.
  2. PSA; Remove shoes to hide and dramatically reduce foot steps volume
  3. S4 has been much more stable the past couple days, if you did something it is working.
  4. I was unaware there was anyone outside support and admins editing it. I would gladly help contribute and improve the wiki. Please P.M. me if you obtain any new information about the wiki.
  5. No intent to be malicious towards you, just saying there is stuff that can be worked on and improved.
  6. I was aware that they no longer have access to edit/change anything with the forums and are currently in the process of reobtaining or rehosting it somewhere else.
  7. They are looking for people to help lessen the load. Getting aid from community members on simple things only helps increase admins ability to do real administrative tasks.
  8. It has come to my Attention that the Asylum Life Wiki is very unfinished. My suggestion is that you allow certain trusted veteran members of the community have access to edit and improve the wiki. Each new edit must be approved by a community manager, support member, or an admin. Allowing trusted members of the community edit and access the wiki would improve the quality of information and would also allow more volume of information to be access in an easier manner than digging through the guides page located in the forums. Another suggestion would be that you create a forum page that would allow any users to submit information and written guides to be added to the wiki. This information would follow a strict format and all guides submitted by basic users would not only required to be checked by admins but also by the trusted members to insure only quality information reaches the wiki. A proposed suggested format for submitting could be something similar to what is written down below. Also include a disclaimer that these are only a suggested format for the basic principal lay out for the wiki and that additional subheading can be added as needed due to the variation in difficulty in different activities around the island. Requirements Talents Method
  9. -10000
  10. I wouldn't if the most support I got was "who cares if" But nevertheless I'm sure they could use a helping hand so if you personally want to take the time and read up they could use you. And maybe then you'd understand how hard it is to keep asylum updated on top of his actual game Identity.
  11. When was the last time a suggestion was worth reality?
  12. Nowhere meth is shit money anyway.
  13. @Space. ???