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  1. The United State Of America Will No Longer Help until The Mexican will pay their Great wall
  2. Never with Gnashes involved. I approve this Thread and Video Coming soon. As my Seal of Approval.
  3. Cant wait for Gnashes roast
  4. I wonder who locked your Ban Appeal. Huehue @Gnashes is that you again? you fucking cunt ;)!
  5. Why Am i using the 16 Bullet mag when i can use the 30 Bullet mag instead?
  6. @HapHazard @Canadian
  7. Dont fuck with Canadians bro. @HapHazard @Canadian
  8. Your Sex life is like playing alliance in a pvp realm. Get youselves gang banged by horde 24/7
  9. I know its a quest. a quest is scripted.
  10. scripted you cant fly like that xD
  11. Ill be right behind you eating popcorn. want some?
  12. unflip? no balls
  13. Gnashes gave you Captain Rank? damn. I didnt think going low like that since hes a fucking cunt
  14. if hes not your friend anymore so youre telling us hes your lover ?