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  1. : What crate?
  2. exploit confirmed
  3. Pictures ??? Where it is?
  4. Fun

    But Suicide vests are fun...
  5. The Death Penalty only work in prison Over Set Amount of your Bounty which i dont know
  6. Here's a Solution. Leave Kavala
  7. Since the beginning Kavala is being a hellhole as always. Veteran people learned to avoid Kavala.
  8. Useless Feature to RDM people. I vote no
  9. give me 100k and ill be playing for a day with Gnashes is a Cunt name
  10. This Thread was made because of Gnashes... As hes always is.... A CUNT
  11. ETA?
  12. HAHAHA dont forget that hes a cunt !
  13. 60$ an Unban if caught again perm pays 60$ within a month you can get upto 1800$ with only 1 person
  14. STFU with that piece of shit
  15. Holy shit! You caught @Gnashes slacking on the job? damn...