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  1. Cifunds my boy. At least someone remembers the bringer
  2. All I can say is there was copious justice here. @STON3COLDK1LL3R never could handle this amount of justice. Always putting his dick on the pavement
  3. Hey man The poor support bot is working 24/7 he can only do so much. Google just likes to fuck with em. You told the poor bot to "kys". Toxicity, PERM
  4. LEON my boy! Its time for those hatchback drives again
  5. Can confirm this is accurate representation of the pain train
  6. This is what its alllll about boys
  7. I thought I had the term paintrain copyrighted damnet
  8. Dj Skeet Skeet is a literary and artistic genius way ahead of his time.
  9. Can confirm Maxime’s piloting skills are non existent. No choppers were harmed (too badly) in the making of this video
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