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  1. yeah man crazy how it took so long, that kid was banned almost everyday from rdm'ing me
  2. Sadly all the clips were recorded in 480p. And as the screen size is increased while viewing, quality is decreased.
  3. Make sure to never log off or they will take your cartel! Warning, 12 year old bots! May emit cancerous sounds! They were former slaves of Ion Corporation and just wanted to live life to the fullest! Did I mention they were annoying?!
  4. Always nice! Didn't finish the song FeelsBad I was diggin it!
  5. You meme'd my two montages and mentioned me again here. Its all good fun, just saying i thought you caught feelings
  6. You really love me dont you?
  7. My sway was fucked.
  8. he put the clips together, timed a few clips... obviously not all of them could be. he sped some clips up. he made the montage for me. It is still called editing bud.
  9. Still waiting on that cop montage
  10. Shoutout to @itzneoo for editing these clips!
  11. Intro 10/10
  12. Wait were you one of the ones in that sdar clip
  13. Okay
  14. Yeah of you read the other comments you would know that im an editing noob. Thanks for being repetitive though!