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  1. Obviously it is light rp, but the concepts are still pretty realistic
  2. What skill, all it does is waste time. This server is pretty realistic for the most part and clicking on a map to get range doesn't quite fit that.
  3. Yes it works fine, but rangefinders are way better.
  4. Lol you really are salty that you are lonely and irrelevant.
  5. All Prime wanted to do was roach a prison man and you sent them back to the respawn screen
  6. You know what lets add everything so we can lock on to helis and snipe at hq
  7. Nah bro, but even Olympus has rangefinders im pretty sure
  8. Im not sure what kinda maps you use in real life where you point your finger on it and a distance pops up.
  9. It would immerse me in my roleplay way more than clicking certain spots on the map to find a distance. Please don't ruin my immersion any longer.
  10. A few more ideas for Qilins/Prowlers: Add doors back and keep price. Keep doors removed and drop base price to 15k. Revert back to 150/140 virtual storage, keep doors removed, make base price 30k. Of course everyone loves Qilins and Prowlers for their own reasons and these ideas individually wouldn't appease everyone. But time and time again they have been nerfed to appeal to certain groups. Im not sure if it would be possible to add in multiple modified versions of the Qilin/Prowler. Ex. Qilin/Prowler(Cargo), Qilin/Prowler(Doors), Qilin/Prowler(No Doors). It would allow people to buy the type of Qilin/Prowler they want for their specific use case.
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