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  1. Nah I'll pass, I'll just keep shitting on you guys at cartels while my gang is out numbered by your zerg. Somethings just never change, including Drunk Squad's horrendous aim!
  2. ok, just know that I won't judge you for saying gay stuff. You're into what you're into kid.
  3. you're a kavala rat, of course you don't know me kid
  4. you wanna see the clips of the other people i dropped full csat before he pushed? I saw the shotgun and panicked also already had others outside church, they dropped with like 6+ people in two orcas and only 1 had a shotgun. But you wouldnt know because DS is a money making guild.
  5. um did you even watch the video, thats not a normal shotgun. They are very bugged out.
  6. If nothing can be done, I'd suggest making all the shotguns illegal, can only buy from turf/rebel, and can't capture cartels with them.
  7. all the more reason to be removed 4head
  8. BTW sorry for the echo, not sure what happened. @Jesse @Azeh @Clint Beastwoodthere is something wrong with these! Also @Rodrigo can confirm the aids.
  9. I won't like this post, but you can like my post!
  10. Accpeted as trial, discord pm'ed. Btw @BKBeats is a mong!
  11. You are unpopular and cant make new friends, sorry! Might I suggest applying to join Forsaken, they are a very fun gang to play with and membership comes with many benefits!
  12. That was great, i loved the one when i peeked out top of tower at rebel and blew the full cop orca up. The cops hated us so much!
  13. @Huan Lee @Crossfadeyeah we were spamming like $3k grenades in the water for 1 guy, and this fool shoots a $40k rocket at him. SMH
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